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Sneak Peak at Forbidden Soul Bond By: Beth Wright/Beth Fullaway :D

18+ read, please leave a comment on what you think of it so far :D This is Chapter 1 :)

~Chapter 1~

~Found At Last~

     The blinding pain in her head causes her to moan and groan as she struggles to sit up. Even though her eyes are still shut she senses someone watching her. As another agonizing rush of pain floods her head she struggles to open her eyes. The pain subsides slightly as her eyes open she scans her surroundings for a short time. Her words come out in a soft whisper, not intended for anyone to hear but herself, “How did I end up in a dungeon and why does my head hurt so badly.”

     The sound of chains clanking together draws her attention to her unknown cell mate. His eyes connect with hers sending shivers down her spine. A vampire, out of all the people in the world to be stuck with it had to be a vampire. Her mind screams out in joy as she notices his well-defined bare chest. Something deep within her body starts to throb with need.

     His voice comes out softly with a reply to her question. “Evil guys brought you here. As for your head, they threw you in here, not very nicely either.” His bright red eyes continue to watch her as she struggles to stand. A small grin forms upon his face as she growls and mumbles soft threats of death to those who threw her in the dungeon.

      She grips the bars then states, “I’m going to kill ever last one of them.”

     “You do that, Beautiful.” He feels her desire building just as his does the same. Something deep within is soul is demanding him to mark her as his own. Never in his life has he felt the need to mark a female, and out of all the females in the world it had to be a sexy young witch. She will be hard to seduce and even harder to mark. It is well known that vampires and witches despise each other and would rather die than be mates, but Justin could not deny the need to feel love and desire like he was feeling within his soul as her eyes reflected the same back at him. He would go against all the laws of nature to have her even the laws of death would not hold him back from marking her as his.

     Maria continues to struggle against her feelings for her mortal enemy. To help calm herself more she decides to talk to him as an enemy would, “I will and then I will kill the vampire in the cell with me.”

     Justin’s breathe catches within his lungs as he watches her mentally struggle against their bond. So he plays the little game back at her. “Awww, tsk tsk, Lovely, I was here before you.”

      “Awww, the poor vamp got caught off guard?” She chuckles lightly as his grin widens.

     Her laugh sends thrills surging down his body. He studies her body as he replies, “I see a little witch that had the same problem.” Then his grin grows as her body starts to shiver.

     She struggles to hold her emotions in check as his grin and eyes bring her body into a burst of flames. Her words come out in the form of a plea instead of a command, “Stop giving me that grin.”

     He chuckles softly as her female scent drifts through the air. Her body’s temperature continues to rise as well as his need. One word manages to escape his lips finally, “Why?”

     Maria’s breathe catches within her throat as she melts beneath his gaze, “Because, you should be mad, not happy to see me.”

     His soft laughter draws her out of the trance, “Baby, if a man has a woman all to himself, why would he be mad?” Mad is not what he was feeling at all, and he know for a fact she was burning just the same.

     Words of fire and desire lash out at him, “You, Moron, we are in a cell, not only that you are chained to the wall.”

     His eyes dance over her body as he states in a calm voice, “That is true, but I love my view.”

     A small gasp escapes her mouth as she shivers in delight, then a vision of pure desire and need flows through her mind as she says, “How about I strip you down and dip you in chocolate. Then I will be the one loving the view.”

     Soft laughter draws her out of her dreams as he says, “Sounds good to me.”

     She licks her lips before finally asking, "So you’re a vamp who wants to be dipped in chocolate?"

      A wave of desire washes over him as her eyes burn brighter with need, "Only if you promise to get every inch of it off, Oh Sweet Jesus, I believe you would." He knew she would and with the bond they have it would send nothing but pure magic through his body and soul to have her tongue washing over him.

     Instantly she snaps out of her dream of dipping and licking him clean, her words come out in a warning, "Watch it vamp, I just may do that and much, much more."

     If he had a beaten heart it would be racing like mad right about now. "God help me, I just may have a heart attack."

     She shakes her head as she states, "Vamps can't have heart attacks, but you better believe it you will feel like you’re about to explode by the time I'm done with you." God knows she would explode if her tongue got to trace them tight, hard muscles.

     As he speaks a seductive grin grows once more upon his face, “That is true, but we can feel pleasure, and with you it just may feel like a heart attack.”

     Her words stumble out as she feels her knees weaken, “Keep giving me that grin and I will show you what a heart attack feels like.”

     A strong wave of desire hits him as her scent strengthens all around him, “Such beautiful promises you do make, Princess.”

     An evil seductive grin comes to her as she speaks, “I am no princess and I am no angel, but if you wish for a demon then that I may be.”

     His eyes twinkle with mischievous desires, “Ahh, the love in my heart is growing stronger for you now that admit you’re a demon.”

     Maria stumbles on her words as she fights against years of laws and rules that forbid them to be together. Vampires and witches could never be mated together. One of the reasons is no witch and vampire couples have ever been able to have young together. Another reason is for the fact vampires and witches were mortal enemies for many centuries, to many have been killed for trying to be together. She had to fight this burning need for the enemy, even though he seems nice it does not mean he would never harm her if he had the chance to. Most likely he would try to get her to set him free then kill her to gain strength before getting himself out of the dungeon. Her words flow out in a sarcastic way, “You really are a moron.”

     He sighs softly, “Only for you, Baby, only for you.”

     In a teasing voice she finally says, "So how about getting us out of here Vamp?"

     She is playing with him and loving every second of it, adding to his pleasure as well, "If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kind of chained up at the moment."

     Her smile brightens as she walks closer to him. After a few seconds of silence she finally says, "Oh I've noticed, I just thought that's your way of teasing me."

     A loud groan comes from deep within him as she licks her lips. His words come out in a mass of tormented pleasure, "Baby, if you enjoy me being chained, I can't wait to see what you think of me being whipped."

     She suddenly speaks her mind without thinking, "Now that image does arouse me more."

     A loud chuckle comes from him as he watches her walk backwards towards the bars. “I imagine it would, since you do love your demon ways.”

     Her smile comes back brighter than the last as she says, “Vamp, you haven’t seen nothing yet.”

     “Yay, I feel all tingly inside now.” Truthfully he does, every cell in his body is alive and screaming for her attention.

     “Why don’t you just shut your mouth and hang there like the moron you are.”

     The fire building once more within his body sends him into over drive. He struggles to set himself free as he speaks to her, “Now, Baby, you don’t want to make me hard while I’m strung up here like this, do you?”

     “Gasp, you really think I want to see that.” The fire deep within her stomach builds as the vision of him being chained to the wall with a hard on sends waves of need through her womanhood. A blush and grin starts to form on her face as the vision continues to taunt her.

     “Ha-ha, I bet you do. I see that blush and grin growing upon your face.” Her womanly juices are now dripping from her the very scent of them juices gives him an instant hard on. Agonizing pain starts to form as his manhood grows within his black jeans leaving no room to spare. This is the first time his body has ever responded to a female’s scent or body.

     Stumbling over her thoughts and words she finally says, “I’m blushing because you’re a moron. As for the grin, that is because I know if you do get hard, you will be in a lot of pain hanging there for a long time.” She starts to pace back and forth in front of him as her juices drip slowly from her burning core wetting her panties more and more.

     "You keep pacing like that and you’re going to wear a hole in the ground." She stops and looks up to him as he feels his manhood jump at her sight. Her face is flushed with need and her lips are begging to be kissed.  

     She takes two deep breathes before responding to his words, "What else is there to do?"

     Instantly he states the truth, "Me."
     Fighting the bond more and more rips at her heart, but she doesn’t want a one night stand or even pleasured death. She wanted love, everlasting love, not forbidden love. “Oh now that will never happen. Not even if you’re the last man alive on Earth. OH, wait; I can’t even say that because you are not alive.”

Childishly she sticks her tongue out at him and watches as he struggles once more against his bindings.

     Breathlessly he finally stops struggling and says, “Woman if you keep teasing me, I will show you just how alive I can be.”

     He watches as she glides her fingers up her arm to her shoulder and leaves them rested there. Her voice is soft and sarcastic as she speaks, “Coming from the vamp chained to the wall, I find that very funny.”

     “Not as funny as it could be.” Battling the chains once more he tries to set himself free, not to try to escape the dungeon but to be able to grab the beautiful blond haired witch and mark her as his.

     “What do you mean by that?” She watches as he stops moving once more.

     His eyes connect with hers as he speaks softly, “If you were the one chained here and I was walking there, I would so…… be over here in a heartbeat showing you just how much fun being bound to a wall can be.”

     Stunned by his words and the instant arousal effect they had on her she stumbles slightly backwards. He can’t break the chains? Why the hell am I so wet? The questions keep flowing through her mind as she struggles to ask one of them to him, "So, you can't get out of those chains?"

     Surprised that she was asking such a question he finally says, "No, but you could help me get out of them."

     A soft laugh comes from her as she turns to face the bars. Her words come out in a soft sarcastic way, "Yeah right, then you would drain me dry."

     Staring at her ripe, round, sweet ass he breathlessly says, “In more ways than one."

     Instantly she spins around and catches him off guard. Both of them stare at each other in silence before she asks, "Is that a threat?"

     He grins and sighs as he responds to her question, "No, a promise."

     She knows he is in need just as much as her. For some odd reason she could just tell and even smell his manly scent rising by the second. As she starts to pace once more she asks, "Ok, Vamp. Why are you so horny?"

     He stops struggling against the chains as he looks back at her. Her blonde wavy hair flows softly down the middle of her back as she continues to pace silently in front of him. Every muscle in his body tightens up as his eyes wonder over her thin, delicate body. His words bring her to a sudden stand still, "Well, it could be because there is a sexy witch pacing in front of me."

     His words shocked her in more ways than one. Her question escapes her lips, “You think I'm sexy?"

     A question any witch would ask a vampire, no vampire alive would admit they thought a witch was sexy, but he did and would always admit it. "Baby, there is not one ounce of you that isn't."

     As her fingers trace down over her witch robe she softly says, "Too bad you can't see most of it."

     The chains rattle as he pulls and tugs on them drawing her eyes to him, "Help with these chains and I will see all of it."

     Every word stated sent her body into a flame of pure desire, she wished for him to help ease her burning fire but was too afraid to find out if she could or couldn’t trust him. "For that you can stay chained to the wall."  

     A chuckle comes from him as he relaxes back against the stone wall. Releasing a big sigh he finally says, "You big tease."

     Her fingers twitched and itched to reach out to him, even her mind was falling apart, and his handsome features did not help to ease any of it. His dark brown hair was shoulder length and wild looking, her mind melted more as she watched his chest muscles strain as he struggled more with the chains. “You’re right I am a tease. Beware, I never do please.”

     Hearing her statement brings him back to the here and now, he studies her scent, an instant surge of joy skips through his body she is still a virgin. “Ouch, I do believe I need to train you at that.”

     Somehow she knew what he sensed about her, this sent thrill and desire flowing through her mind, he would train her and she wished for him to do so. But she refused to admit it, “Only if you wish to be lit on fire.”

     He laughs out loud, “Woman I already am on fire.”

     “Awww, you poor thing, should I call 911 for you?” God help her, she would love to watch water run down over his body. Her mind drifts off into a dream of him standing within a shower as she watched every inch of water as it flowed down over his well-built body.

     Her scent rises as he watches her eyes drift off into a dream state. His voice comes out husky with need, “Yes, please do, and while you’re at it don’t forget to put your sexy nurse outfit on.”

     Maria jumps as she hears his voice. She turns and faces him as she speaks, “Vamp, I would be calling the fire department not the ambulance.”

     “Even better, I would love to see you wet.” He meant it too he would love to see her wet witch robe clinging to her body’s curves. His tongue glided slowly over his fangs as her body shivered beneath his gaze.

     Every inch of her body was now screaming for his touch, if she didn’t get him to shut up soon, she just may respond to her need. “OMG, do you ever know how to shut up?”

     He laughs softly, “Only one way to do that.”

     “Fine what do I do to shut you up?” She knew what he was going to say and every nerve in her body wanted her to do it.

     So she wants to hear the words does she? He shifts his weight to hold him straight against the wall as he stares back into her deep brown eyes. “Come here and kiss me.”

     No! He said it. Her body starts to twitch as if it wants to race off into his arms, she struggles to hold it together as she lashes out at him, “Oh that’s so…. Not going to happen.”

     “What’s the matter, Baby? Afraid you will enjoy it too much?” He knew he would.

     Yes she would and that is what the problem was, they were not meant to be together. “I would not enjoy it at all.” Her heart breaks a little as the words flowed out.

     “Ouch that cuts deep, Baby Girl.” It did for both of them. The bond pulled at him more as he realized she did not mean what she said.

     Her voice softens as she whispers, “Just telling you the truth.”

     Seeing her depressed expression pulls at his heart, he instantly tries to lighten the mood, “How would you know that you don’t like the meal if you have not even tasted any of it yet?”

His words bring her to come to the conclusion he will not be an easy one to chase away. Knowing she did not lose what she was not wishing to have, she decides to play some more, “Because, I don’t like my meals cold.”

     He loved seeing her smile. He would take ever last insult in the world to see that smile. “Why don’t you warm it up some before you try?”

     His grin fills her stomach with butterflies as her mind clouds over. Fighting still to hold her ground and to keep herself at bay she finally says, “If I do then there will not be nothing left of the meal for the dogs to eat.”

     His eyes twinkle with joy as she starts to pace once more. “So you would enjoy it?”

     She keeps her back to him as she speaks, “No, I would burn it to dust.”

     Justin’s mind floods over with the fact he was already burnt and was enjoying the flames way too much. A soft chuckle emerges from his lips as he speaks out loud to himself, “Wow, I do believe I shall be the one cooking from now on.”

     Her laughter flows through his mind as she turns to face him. His breathe is soon stolen away by her sassy expression as she speaks, “So you can cook while being chained to a wall?”

     God he would do anything chained to a wall if he could see that expression for the rest of his life. “Yup, I am multitalented.” A seductive grin flashes over his face as she blushes.

     She knew he saw the blush but everything in her told her to keep fighting him. Her command startles and thrills him, “Stop giving me that look.”

     “Do I scare you princess?” He knew for a fact what his grin did to her, but he loved to hear her sassy remarks.

     Maria grips her robe tightly within her fist as she tries to calm her body. Her words stumble out as if she was startled by something frightening, “What! As if! You could never scare me.”

     His expression turns serious as he calmly states, “Good, I would never try to.”

     Why would a vampire lie like this to a witch? What does he get in return for lying to her? He must be up to something, and she was not going to fall for it. “Oh you will try eventually.”

     Justin’s serious expression never fades. His words come out in almost a whisper, “Never, not even if you beg me to.”

     A shiver races down her spine, every nerve ending was shot and ready to go. Calmly she finds herself standing within a foot of him as her question comes out, “Why would I beg you for anything?”

     The witch robe covered her body really nicely it looked as if it was drawn onto her. Every curve was well defined and he loved to look at all of them. His tongue glided slowly across his lips, “You will beg me for something, eventually.” He gives her a small wink making her jump backwards a few inches.

     His wink sent tons of crazy waves dancing through her body. In a stern voice she finally says, “You wink like that one more time and I will smack the crap out of you.”

     Still playing hard to get, God he loved this woman and everything about her.  A small chuckle comes from him as he whispers, “Good, I hate being constipated.”

     She wanted to giggle and she almost did. Pulling herself together she tries to act disgusted, “Ugh, just shut up already.”

     He almost had her, she was so close to laughing and he saw it. His smile brightens as he teases her, “Please?”

     Maria stumbles over his word in her mind. “What?”

     Justin sends another teasing grin at her as he says, “Say, Please, and I may.”

     She stumps her foot like an angry child then spins around so that her back would be facing him once more. His eyes were still upon her, she felt the heat building as they glided over her body. In a stubborn voice she finally says, “Oh, no you don’t, I already told you, I never beg.” One of her fingers starts to twirl in her hair as she bites her bottom lip to keep from saying more.

     “I love the way you twirl your finger in your beautiful, long, soft, blonde hair. See I am getting under your skin. You’re falling for me.”

     She fell for him the moment she saw him. What woman wouldn’t be drooling over a shirtless man chained to a wall, especially one with a body like his? Her mouth moves against her will and the word slipped out in a soft defying whisper, “Maybe.”

     Shocked that she finally admitted it brought Justin’s body into an instance inferno flame.  “Wow, you finally admit it.”

     Crap, she had to think of something. She couldn’t let him believe she wanted him, no matter how true it was.  “I am falling for you, but not the way you want me to.”

     Nope his little witch still wanted to play, good thing he was immortal, and he had all the time in the world to play with her.  “Really, then please explain how so you are falling.”

     Turning back around to face him she finally says, “I am falling deeply, undeniably, wildly in agonizing pain from just looking at you.”

     Every turn of that finger in her hair was sending electric waves through his manhood. His eyes glaze over with need as they catch a glimpse of her biting her bottom lip. “Mm. Baby, come closer and I will help ease your pain.”

     She gulps slowly as his face becomes one huge seductive smile. Every inch of her panties was now drenched and her nipples were as hard as rock. Breathlessly she speaks to him, “Ok your smile is worse than your grin.”

     The womanly scent of need drains him of every last bit of strength he had left. His body slowly glides down the wall as far as the chains would let it go. His eyes connect with hers as he hears her racing heart and breathless words. “I know it is breath taken, is it not.”

     A shocked expression covers her beautiful face as she struggles to calm her breathing. “Your right, it’s not.” Noting his smile brings her back into her sassy mood. She sticks her tongue out at him as he laughs softly.

     “Princess, are you planning on using your tongue or are you just teasing me by showing it to me every few minutes.” Wishing she would use her tongue on him starts to build his strength.

     Another blush covers her face as she snaps back at him, “My tongue will never touch you in any way, shape or form.”

     Justin slowly stands as he teases her, “Don’t make threats you cannot keep.” As his last word escapes his lips the lights flicker off, sending both of them into total darkness.

     Maria’s fear starts to build within her mind. What will happen to her now? Will he break loose and kill her? Her voice is squeaky and crackling with fear as she yells out at him, “Stupid vampire, why did you turn off the lights?” If she keeps talking to him maybe she will have a better chance at knowing where he is.

     Justin chuckles softly, “Um, Baby Girl, how do you suppose I did that?”

     She stumbles slightly over her own feet as she tries to back away from his voice. “Duh, the light switch.”

     He felt her fear rising. The ache to ease her fear starts to build as he hears her heart race faster. The only thing he could do to help her is talk to her. “Ha, you are right I have one of those right here in my pocket. If you want to turn the lights back on come over and flip the switch.” Seeing her sassy expression wash over her face sends his into the sexy seductive grin she loved so much.

     Maria felt his sexy grin, even if she couldn’t see it she knew it was there.  “I know you’re giving me that dirty grin again, so stop. Light switch in your pocket, as if, I would never fall for that trick.”

     “Well, there is no other way I could have done it. Remember? I am chained to the wall, so how else would I have done it.”

     Voices in her head kept telling her to keep him talking. “Fine, if you did not use the switch then you must have used magic to turn them off.”

     Justin’s laughter covers her with warmth and peace. “Vampires don’t have magic, Sweet Princess.”

     They didn’t, really? She always thought they had some magic, maybe not as much as a witch but some. “Oh, you don’t? Then how do you guys put trances on women?”

     Justin knew she was still young and in training so not knowing much about vampires was something that did not shock him one bit. “Maybe it’s our good looks that attract the ladies’ eyes?”

     Twirling her hair again she tries to find something to say. Then it hits her, “That can’t be true, I have seen hotter men then you, and they were not vampires.”

     He grins as her eyes dance with mischief desires. “Are you trying to make me jealous?”

     She knew what she said was not true. He was the hottest man she had ever seen. Was she trying to make him jealous? She lashes out at him, “Why would I be trying to do that?”

     She knew why, he did not have to say it, but to keep her amused he did, “Well you are falling in love with me.”

     Her tongue glided out and over her upper lip as she tried to sound discussed with his words, “Ugh, you are so full of yourself.”

     Justin’s manhood was still hard and now the tip of it was slick and wet. His voice husked over as he watched her brush her hair back from her face exposing her neck to him. “I would rather have my fill of you.” A small groan emits from deep within his throat as he notices her nipples pressing against her robe.

     Maria felt his eyes on her breast her nipples couldn’t get any harder than what they already were. A loud growl captures her attention.  “Keep dreaming and stop growling at me.”

     Justin starts to scan the other cells within the dungeon. His voice comes to her in a small whisper as he continues to search for the source of the growl, “Sorry, Baby, I am not the one growling at you.”

     She jumps and whimpers back to him, “What? So there is someone else in the cell with us?”

     Movement in the other cells draws his eyes back to them. He searches each one but only sees shadows of     movement. Her beautiful face is filled with fear as he turns his eyes back to her. He softly whispers to her, “No, there are others in the dungeon, but they are not in our cell.”


  1. Justin is full on and knows what he wants!!!
    loads of questions-why do they want witches and vampires? where are they? what else is in the dungeon?
    Have to read more!

    1. You will be happy to know I just finished writing/self editing it yesterday. It is now in the hands of a few BETA readers ;) As soon as I have a few reviews from them to add to the back cover of it, then I will be self publishing it with createspace as paperback form :)