Saturday, June 8, 2013

Facebook Links to a few Amazing Athors

I decided to help some fans find their favorite authors on facebook :) If you are an author and wish to be added, email me at :D I shall start with the link for my own ;) Feel free to follower them. I am sure they won't mind.

 Joseph Beekman:

Madison Daniel:

 Rue Volley:

Monique O'Conner James:

 Deborah Macgillivray:

 Kathleen Tighe Ball:

 KR Haynes:

 Jeffrey Martin Jr:

  Elizabeth Alsobrooks:

 Katie Ashley:

Gracen Miller:

Dawn Hagan:

Alexandrea Weis:

 Denise McGee:

 Taking a break :D I shall post some more later :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

June and July Book Releases :)

I will be adding them as I find them :D


My new Publisher :)

Go and check out my new publisher :D!/pages/Daverana-Enterprises/398574250020?hc_location=timeline
Feel free to let them know I sent you :P tehehe

Baby (Species intervention #6609) By: J. K. Accinni

Awwww....such a cute little alien 0.o well in my mind he is Ok, alien comes to Earth has babies-losses babies-yet finds a young woman who is lonely and in desperate need of love and affection. Bang, boom, they find a man lost in the snow and with a fever. She brings the man home and nurses him back to health. Love brings all three together yet a very sad ending of this lovely little warped family


The Protectors Damon By: Teresa Gabelman

Hot sexy vamps brought in to train social workers Mwahaha, love it Our lovely main character, who is human and a social worker, loves her job and cares about all of the children she is helping to find homes for- even the vampire ones Love this book, so much happens....and love sparks a flame in two jealous hearts If you are into vamps and romance you will love this book as well.


Alfred C. Bogeyman By: M. Allman

A wonderful short story about three young boys defeating the Bogeyman. No age limit for this book Wonderfully put together and you can feel the wonderful bond these three friends have


Two Sirs for Sasha By: Cooper McKenzie

Hot Damn, Cooper McKenzie, has done it again 18+ read, big time Two sexy, hot Doms looking for one female sub to share their life with Fyi, the males are straight, they just want to share their love with a woman together....and boy they make one hell of a match *drool* I honestly can't say anything wrong about this author or her books They are aways so.....delicious and yummy....and....0.o NVM


Destructive Embrace By: Robyn M. Pierce

Hot dang This starts off where book one ended. Not skipping a beat at all. Poor thing has feelings she doesn't understand, yet some how fights them. She wishes for her mate to be by here side and during times of agonizing depression she turns to someone else for attention thing leads to another...and boy this turns into a horrible yet wonderful ending for this family Except for the loss of a few others sigh, sad parts make me teary eyed. Enough said A wonderful adult/paranormal/romance that will have you wishing for things to be slightly different towards the end, but hey, still a good ending