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Author Interview with S. J. Thomas

It’s the Withering Darkness that I will be giving away (paperback copy). So if you wish to win a copy please leave a wild and crazy comment about anything from this review :) Winner will be choosen by the author on March 4th 2012 :D

I have answered the questions about my story Winter King though I have also referred o the next story which will be in The Dark Hunger, a paranormal erotic compendium again being published by Candy Crum.

The blurb for Withering Darkness is:

The Withering Darkness is a collection of short stories from nine extremely talented authors that want to entertain as well as freak out their readers. This compendium has a little something for everyone with tales containing Vampires, Demons, Zombies, Goblins and more. If you are looking for a good tale to tell look no further – The Withering Darkness has everything you need.

1 - Favourite character and why?

Definitely Malum because he is the ultimate bad boy - sexy, charismatic, ruthless and dangerous. Winter King is written from the point of view of the heroine Julie, so you don’t get much insight into Malum, and the theme was paranormal horror so I was going for menacing and disturbing with him. However I’ve also written a follow up story called Summer Queen which will be in a paranormal erotic compendium (The Dark Hunger coming March) and that one is written from Malum’s point of view. So you get to learn a lot more about him and it was so much fun getting inside Malum’s head and writing him being very, very bad!

2 - What would you have done differently if you was the main character of your book?What would you have done differently if you were the main character?

If I was Malum I’d try to be a bit nicer, try to get what I want through persuasion rather than threats.

If I was Julie I’d have told my parents to stop being stupid and run like hell.

3- Do you ever have dreams about any of your characters?

Not that I can remember but when I’m working on the first draft of a story I run through the plot and dialogue in my head just before I go to bed.

4 – What’s your wildest thoughts when writing this book?

Well because it was a horror I was trying to come up with wild twists. The story is not gore and screams but is disturbing and trying to get that sense of menace was pretty wild. Especially when you learn what Malum intends to do to Julie and her family.

5- If things that have happened in the book happened to you what would you have done?

Probably listened to my instincts and run as soon as I saw Malum but then again he is charismatic so part of me would have wanted to stay.

Maybe taken some sort of weapon with me from the car, just in case?

6- Did you have any kinky thoughts while writing?

So far I’ve been mostly writing for anthology calls/lines which have a high heat requirement so yes I do have kinky thoughts. The follow up story Summer Queen is for a paranormal erotic collection and Malum being Malum was always going to be very, very naughty. Let’s just say chains feature quite heavily!!

7 - If any of your characters showed up at your door one morning what would have been your first thoughts/words to them?

To Malum “Please don’t hurt me.”

To Julie “Poor girl” and I’d give her a hug.

8 - When writing is there anything weird you do to help you write better?

I have to have my cushion to prop my back up, my iPod with my writing playlists and my notebook and ‘Wonderful Wifey’ pen by my side to tick off when I’ve completed something.

9 - Do you cry when writing sad scenes?

I’ve not really written anything really sad yet but I do get a tingle when a scene turns out well.

10 - How hard do you laugh when writing a funny scene?

I’ve not actually laughed at my own writing and to be honest I struggle to judge the humorous moments. I’m never sure if I hit the humour right so have to rely on feedback.

11 - Any family member’s actions or descriptions ever used in any of your writings?

Well my husband is my very own Alpha male so most of my heroes are tall, dark and handsome like him.


  1. Hi! I don't know if this giveaway is international or just US but this Anthology sounds great... You said Vampires? :D
    I would love to learn more about Malum and read what he intends to do to Julie!?!?! Ok I've got some weird images in my mind....Wicked? LOL Thanks for this interview! Great to know about new author! (to me :P )


    1. Prosperpine - thanks for commenting and I'm sorry for not replying sooner but unfortunately there was a communication breakdown between me and Beth (in other words Facebook didn't send the message!!) so I didn't know the interview was up. So we are going to extend the competition but yes I will post to the US. If you want more info on my writing check out my FB page SJ Thomas - Writing Paranormal Romance.

  2. Would loved to have added a story, my hero Mark Johnson fights demons both of the entity type and the inner type in my "Chronicle" series, now in the 20th story. Not bad for something I did not think you catch on LOL

    1. It was a really good opportunity by Candy for all the authors featured and it's a lot of fun being nasty to your characters!! Thanks for commenting

  3. I am always interested in checking out little known authors in the paranormal and horror genre's. I myself am a writer, editor, and graphic designer. My husband (who is also an author, screenwriter and director) and I are starting a pop culture review site of our own because we simply cannot find enough honest reviews out there for the "little guys". I'd love the opportunity to get a free copy of this book so that we could review it on our blog. I will gladly give you the blog address if you want it, but I don't want to spammy plug our blog on your blog! Thanks to Samantha Thomas for her tweet that brought me to this review!

    1. Yes please always happy to check out new blogs, either tweet me or via FB SJ Thomas - Writing Paranormal Romance or email
      Thanks for commenting

  4. I have read both the Winter King and Summer Queen and I LOVE Malum!! He does bad so well! I am a huge fan of S.J. and her writing! I've gotten the oh my damn tingles from more then one of her scenes!

    1. Amanda is always very kind about my writing and fact is she came up with the Malum in a name the character competition. Her works rocks aswell so check her out!

  5. Hi all, competition ends todady but my internet is down at the moment (using mum's laptop at the moment) so if I don't come back to you about the winner tommorrow I will as soon as I can. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Right broadband is back and its time to pick a winner. In the spirit of the blog the answer which I think is the most wild and crazy is from Prosperpine so congrats. Thanks everyone for commenting