Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Down The Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home By: D. X. Luc

Wow i love this awsome remake of Wizard of oz. Talk about HOT, Toto is extreamely HOT. This is most defiently an 18+ story. It also has some mild BDSM moments :D *Drool* Toto is so hot and sweet it makes you want to take a trip to Oz yourself. Fyi Toto is the last of his shapeshifting kind :( awww poor baby. This is a very hot, exciting adventure. The witchs are not as they were in Wizard of Oz. God I so....... can not wait to read part 2. Come on Toto ;) show Dorothy how the land of Oz rocks in bed :D


A Zombie Hunter's Holiday By: D.X. Luc

Starts out as a sweet story of a young girl and boy falling in love at school, but he is a nerd and she is the popular girl who can not make decisions on her own. She loves him but wishes not to dissapoint others by being with him as bf and gf, so she stays his friend. She always laughs and finds it amusing that he believes he is a Zombie Hunter until the future events shows her it is all true. This story is an adult read :D but it sure shows how us nerds can be awesome ;) Love this story can't wait to see if there will be more :D


Autumn Healing By: Cooper McKenzie

Something devistating happened to Autumn while she was in the army, now she is trying to find a way to heal. Her two hot, buffed up twin mates are now healing her heart, body and soul through out this Hot book. 18+ read, M/M/F. Also in this story, Spring has her first set of twin sons :D Enjoy this hot little story ;) I know I did, hehe.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Summer Loving By: Cooper McKenzie

Hot Hot Hot. 18+ read, M/M/F. Summer meets her hot twin mates at the airport. She was suppose to be picked up by her brother Winter, but finds these two hoty shapeshifters waiting for her. Boy oh boy do they have a fun time. Her sister Springs wedding is soon approaching and she is going to be in it, but now she desires to be a bride herself. Will she get to be a blushing bride to these two hot mates or will she have to wait for them? Must read, wonderful erotic short :D


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter and His Twins By: Cooper McKenzie

To start of I must tell you this is 18+ read :D It is M/M/M and very HOT. Twin brothers rush off to help Spring's brother Winter. Once they arrive they find out he is their mate. Wow talk about hot sex, these three have plenty off it :D Wonderful erotic short, with outstanding characters and truelly hot sex scenes. :D Read this you will not be dissapointed.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Spring Comes To Sanctuary By: Cooper McKenzie

Wow, who wouldn't want twin, hot, sexy, shapeshifter mates? This is a 18+ read. So hot you will be begging for more :D Spring goes on a hiking trip alone through the mountians. Tired from sleepless nights and sore from the long walk she ends up being stranded on the trail soaken wet in the pouring rain. She meets her twin mates who end up bringing her to paradise more then once in this hot erotic story. God help us all this is a very hot and amazing story :D You must read this.


Operation: Christmas Hearts By: Kay Springsteen

This is an amazing Christmas story. I still can not believe how sweet and wonderful this story really is. They met a few months before he got sent over seas. Each phone call took my breathe away, so sweet. Angels walk among us and to see more then one Christmas wish come true, you must read this story. :D God help me i cried on and off at times i had to stop reading to collect myself. Beautiful story, wonderful characters, unexpected angels, and a wonderful reuinion. This will take you on the most amazing emotional ride you will ever experience. Enjoy and Merry Christmas everybody :D


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Banished By: Billie Sue Mosiman

Ok, wow what a suspense thriller this is. Out of the whole story the start of it is what still bothers me the most. Come on now, we all wish we could bring back a dead loved one. Who knew you would bring back a demon in place of that love one. This fallen angel in a ten year olds body makes you cringe and go ewww and omg no she didn't. Yeah this is one awesome read and i still can not get over this book, i need to read stuff like this during the day time from now on. Lol, my imagination gets a little carried away with freaky and scarey parts. Enjoy it i know I did and I normally do not read stories like this one :D Awesome book :D


The Dark Gifts Birthright By: Willow Cross

Wonderful vampire romance. It is so sweet and beautiful how they end up together. This story is packed with action, love, and much more. Liz is wonderful, i love they way she attacks Michael at first. Haha talk about playing hard to get. Michael is a strong, powerful, incrediable fighter, but for Elizabeth he is a sweet, hot, lover. :D love it. I especially love the crazy old man in the woods, Lmao, he is so funny at first. This is a must read for all vampire or paranormal readers. Wonderful story with amazing characters. I so can not wait to read part 2.


Pandora's Box By: Gracen Miller

Wow, I loved this story :D It is a wonderful adult paranormal romance. Plenty of actions, romance, and drama. Madison has a hard life and it doesnt seem to be getting better at any time. She learns family secrets at a young age and more of them are brought up when she is older. Ok the one character i thought of as totally awesome is Zen. I can't help it, the guy is very protective but also very kind. Nix has me loving and hating him at times, lol. He is to much of a male slut, but such a sweety. Micah is one of the kings of Hell and is sweet at times to his wife, but then is also rough and mean towards her at other times. It is very clear that both Micah and Nix love Madison very much and they both want to be with her. I love the way her son Amos choices her over his father, beautiful moment :D This is a wonderful read. I believe everyone who loves paranormal romances should read this book :D


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Incredible Heidi Wasabi By: Helgaleena Dark Roast Press

Wow what can i say. This story is most definitely an 18 and over read. A young man gets a blow up doll, eventually she comes to life. Well not really in the flesh but more like a living dream lover i guess you would say. It has alot of action in it. He ends up in a band, this is where some M/M comes into play and she even helps them out a time or two lol. Wow the most unigue read i have ever read 0.0, nothing compares to this, i honestly don't know what to call her other then an imaginery lover that becomes so real. Hehe enjoy everybody :D


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Miracle By: Danica Winters

This story is short but sweet. So beautiful, i love it when you find love in the most unexpected ways. Her mother is a trip, lol. I still can't believe her mom has a hot boyfriend. What a Christmas Eve surprise. Santa could not bring her a gift that could even compare to the one she has received. Be warned this story involves a hot, buffy neighbor :D Love it :D He is so sweet *swoon*. I am not sure if you made more for these two characters, but i love them to death.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Curse of the Egyptian Goddess By: Lisa Rayns

WOW what a surprise ending. Love this story. I sure hope you are writing more for these characters, i was waiting for the sparks to fly lol. Poor Calvin, LMAO. You guys really need to read this. It is about Emma being cursed at the age of 10 when her and Calvin found two golden necklaces in Egypt. Both of them seem to become cursed by the necklaces they wear, each with a different kind of affect on their life. Once together at the present time boy does he act pissed off and mean but then you learn why he acts the way he does and you start to feel sorry for their relationship. OMG the ending is still the best part.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Witch Way Bends By: Olivia Hardin

This is one incredible unigue paranormal book. *Drool* sexy, hot male lead who clearly loves to tease his lover for a while before he finally gives in. Come on now i would have thrown him to the floor and taught him a thing or two about teasing lol. Witchs, fairy, vampires and lots of action, and love gonig on up in this book :D I love their unigue powers and her imaginary friend is a hotty as well 0.o you must read this book. Things are not as they seem in this story. I so can not wait for part two :D


Guardian By: Gillian Joy

Excellent book :D Hannah's mom is killed for being a witch, by the way she is not a witch. They are guardian's, but get this, guardians for all of the paranormal beings on Earth. Wow, after watching and feeling her mother's death Hannah goes on a rampage to kill vampires and find the one responsible for the death of her mother. Not only does it have this awesome action it also has love that never dies. Centuries can not take the love from them that started when they were just young children. Will they ever be together? I love the ending unexpected, but yet I kinda figured this was going to happen, something told me this is what Bernard has been hiding from her for awhile. This story is so well put together and has so many wonderful characters. I so can't wait to read part 2.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

After Finley By: Mel Scott

:( I am still in tears from this. This is a real life story of a mother having her baby boy born asleep. :( I cried throughout the whole thing, even more so when i saw the family pictures and pictures of the Finley :( RIP little angel. It does have a wonderful ending Finley becomes a big brother a little after his first heavenly birthday :) beautiful little girl :) I cried at this part as well :( Wow i am such an emotional disaster right now, lol. I can cry so easily. Wonderful story, the struggles, strength, love, pain, torment, us mothers go through when one of our young ones pass away. Finley is now his sister's own guardian angel ;)Who better to watch over her then her own big brother. Still crying :(


Thanksgiving in Sanctuary By: Cooper McKenzie

Wow...Wow...OMG. This is most defiantly an 18+ read. It has M/M/F and M/M/M. After years of being happily married her husband comes out and ask if she would like to add his brother into their marriage 0.o Wow does it get hot in here fast lol. They have three adult daughters and one adult son, all of them have two husbands, yes even the son. I really want to read more about their son and his shapeshifting twin husbands *drool* This story is so hot, I honestly couldn't put it down and I must admit it really turned me on :D Wonderful story and a wonderful surprise for their son and his mates ;) You must read this book :D


Heartsent By: Kay Springsteen

Omg i cried at the end, it's because it was so sweet and a wonderful ending :D This is a wonderful sweet story of two fire fighters who fall in love the first moment they saw each other. After a year of trying to decide how to ask her out, his little niece decides to help him out. They so set her up, lol, the little girl looks to Lina and asks, can you ride the balloon ride with me, i don't want to go up in it alone. So Lina agrees even tho she is terrified to even get on the large balloon ride, once there the little girl leaves her alone with her HOT, SWEET, SEXY, OMG WHY IS HE NOT REAL, uncle Kevin, who just so happens to be Lina's firefighten partner. From there the story shoots off to unexpected events, a small miracle, and a wonderful ending :D I Love it :D

I give it ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :D hehe instead of stars i will be using <3s :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chains & Chocolate By: Bonnie Bliss

Very very hot and spicey BDSM book. You need to be 18 and over for this read. Wow someone turn on a fan it's getting hot in here. A wife and husband having lots of fun in and out of their dungeon :D Wonderful story for those of you who enjoy hot books :D

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bitter Kisses By: Julieanne Lynch

This is a short but sweet story of good and evil. A good angel battles against an evil angel. But the surprising thing is a vampire saves the good angel :D hehe you know they love each other by the way the sacrafic everything to save each other's life. :) so sweet can't wait to read more :D

Snowed in with Santa By: Sue Lyndon

Another great 18 and over Christmas read. A hot Viking type God dressed as Santa captures the attention of one of his sexy elves. :D clearly this guys ex wife was insane to give him up, really she doesn't like to be spanked and tied to the bed by a male who looks like a God, stupid woman. I have been a naughty girl hehe :D come spank me Santa haha :D Great story :) I hope you make more for this wild couple :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unbound By:Emily Goodwin

This is one great Paranormal Romance. This story is about a young witch who never knew she was a witch till her great aunt dies, that's where alot of things starts to appear and try to kill her. I jumped so many times thinking OMG I would have ran away screaming in fear. Thank God she has a hot demon hunter as her boyfriend (drool) I know I would feel safe with him around as well :D. Seeing ghost is one thing but having demons appear and try to kill you all the time, yeah I would have been hiding under my covers for the rest of my life lol. Wonderful book I so hope your making a part two for this :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dark Traders By: Sascha Illyvich

Most defiently an 18 and over read. So hot, very hot. Sexy 300 yr old vampire is hired to kill a female. He does not have the heart to kill her, so he turns her into a vampire. One year later they meet up again, she tries to kill him while he tries to seduce her. Hot and steamy vampire story, lots of sex scenes :O haha love it :D A very hapy ending :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Spirits Her Shelter By: Alexander Rayne

OMG, this is one HOT werewolf romance. Most defiently 18 and over. (Drool) I honestly don't need to say much about this story excet. Collar with leash and beg Alpha Werewolf for what you want. *Growl* most defiently one hot story hehe love the chains at the end. :D

Wolf Magic By: Sascha Illydich

Wonderful werewolf romance. It starts out explaining the history of werewolves, then it goes into a hot romance. Young were finds the love of his life and fulfills a strong destiny for all werewolves futures. This story may be short but it is still packed with action and hot romance, best to be 18 to read this hot little book :D Loved it so can't wait for part two. You got to love the mate combo of both wanting control and the female being older and calling him a young cub alot lol.

Spell Checked By: C. G. Powell

I am still dying here from laughter, love the chia pet part of the story. I must add the running through the castle halls butt naked was a laughing treat as well :D This story is packed with hiding secrets, unknown events and much more. If your into hot vampires and warlocks this is your kind of story. They have so a wonderful sense of humor and enjoy using it every chance they get. Some parts may make you tear up :( I know I did, but the story is so wonderfully put together. Get ready for unexpected events, amazing action and wild romance. Grab this one now because I can promise you there is going to be a part 2, and hun I sure hope to be one of your reviewers for that :D woot haha chia pet, haha naked and getting his ass handed to him by his sexy mate lmao. Ok, ok I'm done now, no I'm not, lmao, lmfao, omg so love it. :)

Madison's Life Lessons By: Gracen Miller

I don't know what to say. Ok, yes I do, Micah is such a sweet demon hotty, haha. *Blush and giggles* So many secrets in her family and with Micah. I just about died when it said how excited he was when he found out she was pregnant, awwww. I could go on and on about this book :D. I really don't like her parents and I would have ran away from home if they were mine. Wonderful story, great action, hoty with secrets, and much more is waiting for you in this great story. :D Thanks for letting me read this Gracen Miller I loved it :) *giggles with glee while looking at Micah Dominus's picture* So wish all men loved us women like he loves her :D I hate what he does at the end tho -.- *smacks Micah across the back of his head* -.-

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yesterday's Daughter By: Sallie Lundy-Frommer

A reall amazing vampire romance. It has a little of everything in it action, comedy, romance, betrayel, friendship,and a family feud as well :D Hehe I really need to figure out where all these, hot, strong, vampire men hide out at. I don't blame the girl for falling for him instantly, he's so sweet, hot, and I think I may need to stop this review now, lol. Taking from her family at a young age and left in the care of humans, losing all of her memories of her childhood does not help her neither. Good thing her vampire hereo found her *drool*. Ok, I am done here, enjoy reading this wonderful story, I so can not wait for a part 2 :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Betrayed By: Morrigan Michele & Misty Carmony

Here we go, I loved it :D I am still fuming mad just like Alexis about her parents keeping her true identity a secret from her all her life. All they ever told her was that her mom and her are witches, trust me that is not all there is to know about Alexis. Come on now why couldn't her father and mother atleast tell her so she would have known why her father was not around for 14 yrs of her life, now he shows up and tells her. Makes me really mad that her friends (what few she has) have been also keeping secrets from her, grrrr. If I was her I would have had a lot bigger tantrum lol. This is a wonderful paranormal read, love vampires, witches and guardians heres a book for you ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Night of the Cossack  By: Tom Blubaugh

Alright first thing is first, this is not the stories I usually pick to read, but I so loved it. It is about a young Jew's hardships. This is not what most are thinking (oh, a religious type story, how boring) nope not at all. It is filled with pain from this young boy being kinapped from his village. He is put through so much within the five years this story gives you. I cried a few times (poor thing) I so wish I could have been there to do something, but sadly this is the way most have lived their lives in the past and most likely some are still dealing with hardships today for what they believe in. Love the ending, I love the question and answer :D Being through so much, but also finding his way into a better future, breathe taking :D Again I recommend this to anyone who would love to read a story that can pull at your heart :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jack's Christmas Wish  By: Bonni Sansom

OMG! I don't know where to start. First things first this is an erotic story so you must be 18 to read it :D FYI I loved every minute of it. This is one story I need to read over and over again. Right of the bat I was yelling at the laptop, come on now,  why are there so many male jerks in stories, lol. Then Derek shows up to visit santa with his son Jack and Lissa instantly falls head over heals in love (so did I). This man knows how to make her beg for more (again he did bring me drooling along the way too). Come on now who wouldn't love to have a hot master bringing you to eternal bliss just from a touch? You have to read this story, I have never got to use bondage and toys like they use in this story, but I do believe I have a new Christmas list stored away in my wicked, little mind ;) Thanks alot Bonni :D my boyfriend may thank you later as well, hehe. This story is more then just sex, it's sweet and draws you in. I love the ending it made me cry tears of joy :) Great job, can't wait to read more of your stories, I so hope you write more for these characters :D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Energy By: M J Schutte
I really loved reading this story :D Love is a beautiful thing, and fighting for it brings out some really wonderful stories, like this one. Heart's brought together at a young age are torn apart for years until they finally find each other. A psycho dad brings lots of hard times for these two. In the end everything is well worth the fight. I can not wait to see what you have instore for us readers next :)

Love this story, it has it's ups and downs.I feel like I am a big part of this wild, amazing, story.Some characters I learn to love more so as the story goes on. Books like this one, make you feel like your watching a movie. You sit there and yell, "why did you do that? Omg, is he for real? I can't believe she said that."You learn so many things about each character that you soon start to feel as if you knew them in person. Unlike most stories so many things they say and do can relate to some of us in how we feel and think :D Loved it, keep up the great work :D can't wait to read book two :)

I give it ♥♥♥♥♥

Escaped the Night By: Jennifer Blyth
This story had me going, "no way", "omg", "how did that happen", "who did what?", and "you got to be kidding me". What it has instore for you; action, love triangle, true love, death, life, happiness, drama, comedy, and plenty of twist and turns :) I so love this paranormal romance, I so can not wait for you to write your next book. I can not tell you guys enough how wonderful this story really is, words are not worth spoiliing the fun of finding out on your own. Enjoy as i know you will :D

Ascension By: Caris Roane
This is a wonderful romance series about out of this world vampire angels, yeah I know, what? They are vampires with angel type wings :) They are from our world but live in another dimension. In each book a male/males find their destined mate. God does that mate bond pull and tug on their heart and body. They act as if they are in heat when around or touching their mate, hehe so cute. Love these books, each one is about a different couple :D

Beyond the Darkness By: Alexandra Ivy
This is another great paranormal romance. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and many other creatures are brought to life in this wild romance. It is so funny, trust me reading this book will not disappoint you. The female lead plays big time hard to get with her destined mate, and boy does he enjoy every minute of it.

To Tempt the Wolf  By: Terry Spear

This is one werewolf romance i fell in love with. Finding a man half dead on the beach then finding out she is being stalked by someone or something. It has many cute/funny parts, many men want this woman, do you know why. I do :D hehe, I am sorry but that would give away alot if I told you :D, read it, trust me it's great.

Ouran High School Host Club

Love this series, i especially love the anime series of this more. It is about a girl that is poor ending up in a rich kid school. She is wearing a boys uniform so everyone believes she is a guy at first, especially since her hair is cut short from getting gum in it before the school year started. It has so many funny parts, she joins the host club to pay back the cost of a vase she accidentally breaks. Boy do these boys have fun with her, tho they believe she is a male at first, they finally find out the truth. Hehe, I can't get enough of this series.

Santa Fe Son By: Ellen McKinney

Ok, I normally am not the type who enjoys murder mysteries, I would rather watch them on tv. With that being said, I loved the book. Ellen is a wonderful author, her characters are wonderful. Certian ones i would love to slap across the back of their thick heads, but i will not mention names, lol. If you enjoy stories with romance, love triangles, action and drama, then you will love this book. I especially loved the ending, I cried a couple times throughout the book but the ending really warmed my heart. I will say I never expected someone would kill the one character, I know something would happen to that person, but never expected murder. I will not give details, you need to read it, to find out what I am talking about :)Can't wait to read more of your books Ellen McKinney :) keep up the great work.

believe it or not i remember reading this one in school and enjoyed it very much :D I can't remember everything about it, but i do remember the white boy and indian boy became real good friends, i need to buy this and read it again :D

Pandora's Box By: Gracen Miller
Only had the privilege to read the sample part of this book. But from what I have read, this is one wonderful story. It draws you in from the first few pages. A mother's struggle to save her son from himself, and her hardships with finding out just what his father really is. Grrr I wish I had the money to read the whole thing, Love it, can't wait to have the chance to read more :)

Golden WitchBreed by: Mary Gentle

Got to read this in high school. This is another world story. The human female on the cover was sent to the planet to talk to them about peace. The one guy tries to kill her but turns around and agrees to be her body guard, they become very good friends by the end of the story. It's not a romance, tho i wish these two would have fell in love, he protects her as if he does love her.