Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mind Games By: D. X. Luc

This is most defiantly an 18+ read only. Hot dang, talk about a hot read. HAHA, I love the way Dorothy gets pissed when the guy tells her to sit on the floor beside Toto. ROFLMAO, BDSM scenes and one pissed off Dorothy and even a pissed off HOT Toto What more could you want


One Small Touch By: Denise McGee

Thanks, Denise McGee, OMG...I was in tears at the end. God what a beautiful way to end such an amazing murder mystery I loved every moment of it. I honestly am starting to wonder if writing books could get us authors into trouble lol, god what a great book and the characters are outstanding. But that ending, good god, I was thinking the whole time till then -.- that jerk deserved to die then wham....:') beautiful ending.


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