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Sneak Peak at ~The Demon King's Sex Kitten~ By: Beth Wright


18+ Only
Erotic, Paranormal, Short Story


All of the visitors nodded in agreement before leaving the room. As the last of the guests left he proceeded to leave himself. The doors slammed shut behind him, as the air within the hallway brought chills of ecstasy down his burning body. He needed her again; never had he imagined it would be this hard to leave his pet’s side. God, when did he ever need a sex pet more than once within a week? He stopped to think about that thought, and then it hit him hard. I never needed sex with anyone…Ever. Now I need it more than the air I breathe. Frustration and rage laced his words as he yelled out. “God dammit…this woman has my dick hard as a rock and my mind soft as mush!”
The guard closest to him stood tall and asked in a pissed off voice, “Should we kill her, my King?!”
Darren’s hand wrapped tightly around the guard’s throat as he spoke, “You lay one finger on her and I will kill you.” The candles lining the hallway walls flicked out then right back on as he growled at the guard.
The guard’s body crumbled to the ground as he dropped him. He coward back in fear as he whispered, “Yes…my King.”
Darren’s glare went to all of the guards as they turned to look away. “That goes for all of you!” He waited for each one to answer in fear that they would never touch his Kitten. Finally satisfied with their answers, he continued on to his Kitten’s bed chamber. One of the guards heard him whispering under his breath as he walked by him. “That woman…hhmm…I think I need to get her something nice and sexy to wear. Then I shall make her whither and scream with pleasure as I ram my dick in her sweet…tight….hot…wet….God dammit! There she goes again…taking over my mind.”
Once his King left the hallway he softly whispered to the others. “Boy, she really does have him whipped.” His face jerked back to the hall from which his king went down, just in time to see him glaring back at him. The deep growl that echoed throughout the hall froze him to his spot. He waited to get his ass beat for that comment, but was shocked by what he saw and heard next.
Darren glared at the guard after his growl froze him. He wanted to tear the demon apart, but then it hit him as he stood there. His voice laced with surprise as his lips turned up into a perfect smile as he said, “God, she really does have me whipped.” He chuckled to himself as he continued to speak to no one in particular, while he turned away from the guard and went to find his Kitten, “She would look Hot in white fur and black leather…”
Just as he approached the door that kept him from his beautiful Kitten, he heard her yell out. “You stinking, crazy, sick bastards better set me free…Now!” The grin that covered his face as he entered the cell, made Taby’s pulse race. She tried her hardest to pull her eyes away from his, but failed as he continued his walk to her bedside. A small gasp came from her as he grazed his fingertips over her arm. Even though she desired him more than the air she breathed, she still fought it. Her voice echoed once again throughout the dungeon walls. “Don’t touch me!”
Darren’s eyes stayed upon hers as he bent down to her. Their lips were only an inch apart and her beautiful scent filled his mind as he whispered, “Kitten, you need to behave.” The desire built deep within his body as her eyes flared up with defiance. His soft chuckle startled her as she pulled at the chains for freedom. Taby kept the fight up, she didn’t want to lose her heart to a sick perverted Demon King, especially this one…but in all honesty…she did. Her pussy dripped with excitement as her eyes trailed down to his taunting lips. A visible shiver went down her body as his left hand glided up to her rock hard nipple. She bit her lip as he taunted and teased it. Ever part of her that wished to fight against him, started to drift into the back of her mind, out of reach and sight. Then the memories of him letting the demon female suck his dick brought her back to being a wild and disobedient female once again. “Go find that Demon Bitch if you want to get off!’’
Darren’s rage started to cloud his own desire as he heard the hurt within her words. He pulled back away from her bedside and watched as she struggled on with the chains and cuffs. The rage built even more as he noticed her raw wrist and ankles bleeding. “I do not desire her! I desire you!” His fingernails lashed though the cuffs on her wrist, within seconds they fell to the bed and his eyes stayed upon her bloody wrist as she started to rub them with her hands one at a time. “A spanking is due, Kitten.”
She struggled to grasp what he just said to her. As she gently rubbed her bloody right wrist, she asked in a whisper, “Why am I being spanked now?”
He sliced through her cuffs on her ankles before answering her, “Because you harmed yourself.”
Anger started to show within her green eyes as she whispered back at him, “It’s your fault. You are the one who chained me to the bed.”
Darren’s hands trembled with need and anger as he grabbed her arms and forcefully rolled her over onto her stomach. His words echoed throughout the dungeon walls, “You will never harm yourself again! Is that understood?!” As the last of his words left his mouth he brought his hand roughly down across her beautiful bare ass. She cringed but stayed in that position. Darren’s heart raced with rage, desire and pure ecstasy as he listened to her soft moans. Then he remembered what he wanted to do with her.
She listened and soon relaxed as she heard him walk away from the bed. The pain was starting to become unbearable as he stayed by her side. Once he moved away her pain of desire started to ease up, not a lot, but enough for her to catch her breath. As she turned to face the direction she heard him walk off to, a sudden shock of surprise took over her. Within his arms he was carrying white fur and black leather. Fear built in her mind as she watched his expression change from anger to pure desire. Oh my God, he was bringing her something to wear that most likely was some kind of sex outfit. As he approached the bed, she flashed over to the other side of it and coward against the headboard. Looking to the guards she knew she would never be able to escape the room. Darren’s soft seductive words drew her eyes back to his. “Kitten, I have something for you.”
She hissed out at him, trying her best not to sound frightened, but failing as it came out in nothing but a small hushed voice, “I don’t like leather.”
Darren’s eyes widened slightly before he caught the scent of her desire once again. He knew it, his Kitten loved fur and leather. His dick hardened as he gently laid the clothing onto the bed. Laced with dark desire he commanded her, “Come over here and get dress, Kitten.”
Her fingers played over her soft long locks of hair as her eyes started to cloud slightly with need. She didn’t want to put the clothes on. Taby fought the battle of getting dress or not getting dress for a few minutes before she finally squeaked out, “But…I don’t want to.”
He knew she feared putting on the clothes would bring her to a whole new level of desire, but he just sat and stared into her burning eyes and waited for her to bring that fear down on her own. After a few minutes of silence, he heard one of his guards mentally relay a message to him that his best friend Garret was in his visitor’s chamber wanting help with a battle at hand. As he watched Taby’s eyes light up slightly with more fire he finally gave her a choice. “You put this on or stay naked, Kitten. Either way is fine with me, but you will be coming out with me to my visitor’s chamber.”

Sneak Peak at ~Finding Home~ By: Beth Wright

Main Character is Georgia. Georgia's father finds an epic gaming computer for sale at the local flea market. He was told the couples son moved out unexpected after his father yelled at him about all his gaming he has been doing lately. He decides to buy it for Georgia. They take it home and hook it up. Deciding instantly, she wants to see what the gamer world is made of and what all of the excitement is about, Georgia turns it on. The computer starts to ask her questions, then does some odd things. Things turn for a wild loop when the computer takes on a mind of it's own and portals Georgia not into the computer itself..............but into an online multiplayer game.
Now Georgia is trapped within the game as a mage character. She is now learning how to play games, but not in the way she thought she would be. Game on! The computer throws her into different character bodies of her own and shows her how to survive and make new online friends. Things start to go crazy, wild, darker and even somewhat romantic as she starts to meet characters who have an unusual gamer tag just like hers....(One the computer created for her. Which at first none of them even think about it.) Who are these gamers?? Are they trapped in the game too? How many have this computer captured, and how will she ever get out????
Bending over to examine the dead chicken, she finds no way to take the liver without cutting it open. As she lifts the wing up to look at it's side, something happens, but she is not sure what happened. It's just a knowing feeling. Like she has done something right, but what did she do? Standing back up to stare down at the dead bird, a feeling of accomplishment covers her thoughts. Why? All of a sudden the dead chicken vanishes into thin air. What?! No, wait, I didn't get to get the liver yet?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!! How am I ever going to get this quest done if the chickens vanish before I can take their livers?!

Fine! I guess I just have to find another chicken. This is becoming more of a challenge then I think it should be. Searching around her, she soon notices another chicken. This time the chicken was standing near a small stream. Busy pecking at the dirt near the water he didn't realize Georgia was aiming her fire bolt right at him. With a fast flick of the wrist, her bolt shoots out across the ground and strikes it target. “Yes!” I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Excitement gone and anger building by the minute. Georgia watches as the fifteenth dead chicken vanishes before her eyes. “Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here!”

A very faint touch makes her jump and turn to see who the hand belongs to. To her surprise it is not another hot male character, but a very gorgeous female character. Great! Now the female characters are going to be hot as well! What else does this game have in store for me, and when the hell am I going to wake up?!?! The beautiful silver-haired elven woman smiles at her before asking, “Do you need help?”

Amazed by what she is seeing has Georgia speechless. After a few silent minutes, she finally gains her words and whispers in a hushed voice, “I can see your name above your head...” Still amazed by this finding, she starts to look around for other characters to see if they too have their names above their heads and she just never noticed it till now. Sadly no one was in sight, except this one sexy woman. Now what? Staring back at the beautiful woman, she finally asks, “How do I get a liver?” Then realizes how dumb that sounded. She starts to babble on some more, “I mean from them.” Yup and of course, no chicken in sight, “I mean from............”
The silver-haired woman chuckles softly as she lightly grabs Georgia's arm, “I know what you mean.” Her eyes twinkle with beautiful shades of violet as she speaks again, “You have all ten chicken livers in your inventory.”

What! Inventory, where is my inventory? Searching her back for a bag she ends up with nothing in sight. As her eyes scan her dress she finally notices a small bag hanging from her belt on her right side. No way, where did that come from? Touching the small bag she starts to wonder if that was what is considered her inventory. As she opens the bag slowly she soon horrifically discovers. Yup, this has to be my inventory, “Ewww, gross! There is blood and chicken parts in my bag.” Dancing around with her bloody fingertips waving in the air, she screams out, “This is the grossest thing ever.”
The beautiful female is now laughing out loud. Georgia stops and looks to her as the woman states, “Don't worry about it. Just turn in the quest and sell the other stuff for some spending money. You probably have some armor and possibly some low level weapons in there as well. All you have to do is search your bag.”
“I am not touching anything in that bag ever again. I do not want chicken blood all over me.”

“Then turn in the quest first. Once all of the chicken livers are gone, go and sell the other chicken parts.” With a big smile she finishes off by saying, “Then your bag will be clean of all chicken stuff.”

Does it really work that way? One way to find out I guess. Georgia slowly edges closer to the man at the tower. As she nears him, her eyes take notice of his name above his head. With a sarcastic twist to her words, she tells him, “I have your disgusting chicken livers. Can I have my reward now?”

As his eyes connect with Georgia's, he starts to talk, “Thanks for all of the help, AnnieGMRfive, here is your reward.” Before she can even ask the question within her mind, he states, “Thomas needs your aid as well. Report to him for your next quest.” Then silence as he turns to stare at nothing.
This is a short story series. You have read just a small part of part one :) To read the full version of part one, you can find it on Amazon and Smashwords :)

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