Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scent By: K. R. Smith

Awesome paranormal werewolf romance. So sad that they have to go through so much and can't be together :( God I would have never went along with a marriage to a man I did not love -.- So hope to be able to read the next book. This one is so amazing, one thing after another. You will love the characters :D and the story behind their unforbidden love :( This is most defiantly a must read :D


  1. I'm pleased you enjoyed Scent as well as Claimed, Beth :-) I'd be honoured to send you a review copy of Sororate when it's finally finished. I'll also put up a link your review site on my Circulate Series page

  2. Sounds interest need to 0put it in my to read pile !
    Have a great weekend!