Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa Fe Son By: Ellen McKinney

Ok, I normally am not the type who enjoys murder mysteries, I would rather watch them on tv. With that being said, I loved the book. Ellen is a wonderful author, her characters are wonderful. Certian ones i would love to slap across the back of their thick heads, but i will not mention names, lol. If you enjoy stories with romance, love triangles, action and drama, then you will love this book. I especially loved the ending, I cried a couple times throughout the book but the ending really warmed my heart. I will say I never expected someone would kill the one character, I know something would happen to that person, but never expected murder. I will not give details, you need to read it, to find out what I am talking about :)Can't wait to read more of your books Ellen McKinney :) keep up the great work.

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