Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Night of the Cossack  By: Tom Blubaugh

Alright first thing is first, this is not the stories I usually pick to read, but I so loved it. It is about a young Jew's hardships. This is not what most are thinking (oh, a religious type story, how boring) nope not at all. It is filled with pain from this young boy being kinapped from his village. He is put through so much within the five years this story gives you. I cried a few times (poor thing) I so wish I could have been there to do something, but sadly this is the way most have lived their lives in the past and most likely some are still dealing with hardships today for what they believe in. Love the ending, I love the question and answer :D Being through so much, but also finding his way into a better future, breathe taking :D Again I recommend this to anyone who would love to read a story that can pull at your heart :)

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