Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Betrayed By: Morrigan Michele & Misty Carmony

Here we go, I loved it :D I am still fuming mad just like Alexis about her parents keeping her true identity a secret from her all her life. All they ever told her was that her mom and her are witches, trust me that is not all there is to know about Alexis. Come on now why couldn't her father and mother atleast tell her so she would have known why her father was not around for 14 yrs of her life, now he shows up and tells her. Makes me really mad that her friends (what few she has) have been also keeping secrets from her, grrrr. If I was her I would have had a lot bigger tantrum lol. This is a wonderful paranormal read, love vampires, witches and guardians heres a book for you ;)


  1. Thank you for this awesome review!

  2. you are very welcome, thank you for letting me review it :D