Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pandora's Box By: Gracen Miller

Wow, I loved this story :D It is a wonderful adult paranormal romance. Plenty of actions, romance, and drama. Madison has a hard life and it doesnt seem to be getting better at any time. She learns family secrets at a young age and more of them are brought up when she is older. Ok the one character i thought of as totally awesome is Zen. I can't help it, the guy is very protective but also very kind. Nix has me loving and hating him at times, lol. He is to much of a male slut, but such a sweety. Micah is one of the kings of Hell and is sweet at times to his wife, but then is also rough and mean towards her at other times. It is very clear that both Micah and Nix love Madison very much and they both want to be with her. I love the way her son Amos choices her over his father, beautiful moment :D This is a wonderful read. I believe everyone who loves paranormal romances should read this book :D


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  1. Have you read prequel yet? I just did and am now currently reading this. The prequel really helps you see her relationship with Micah. So worth the read.