Friday, August 3, 2018

Lies of Light (Darker Shade of Light Book 1) By: Melissa Sasina

What an amazing story.

Noora and her mother Isha Duskbourne are sent to investigate a mysterious illness no other healers have been able to cure by magic and it appears to be arcane in some matter as well. Both of them are healers, but secretly they are both Maahirans as well. If anyone knew they were Maahirans it would be a death sentence for both of them. 

In Cardea, they get a room at the inn. While there the inn keeper introduces her blind daughter, Evelyn. Evelyn seems to know and see so much more then most would realize. Something about this character really draws me in to her. I like her, even before I know anything really about her. 

Then comes more characters like, Vaeros, who comes to Noora's rescue. Telling her he is a friend of the family and when they were children they used to play together. Yet, Noora can not remember any Vaeros in her life......I believe he may have hidden feelings for her and yet you will have to read to find that out for yourself.

Another character on my list of enjoyment, The Warder known as, Gracen, now this is one amazing surprise. Oh boy what fun, poor Noora is now being hunted by him. Lets hope Vaeros can keep her safe..... 

Sorry, I do not like ruining books by giving away everything about them. You will just have to trust me when I say, if you like new adventures with amazing characters this book is for you. So much happens and I must say this, it is a very good story, but for me, it starts out slow.....but I am the type of reader who loves a good adventure no matter how it starts out.

Awesome book and adventure Melissa Sasina! 

If you would like to join this amazing adventure you can find it on Amazon the link is below.

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