Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dog Gone By: Diane Moat - Review

My Review

First things first, if you love animals this story may be just what you want to read. Granted, some details (about the animal’s injuries/deaths) may be too much for some readers. For those who can handle detailed, graphic screens, you will do just fine (there is not too many of them to even think about using that as an excuse not to read this book). This story was written with an adult audience in mind. 

Alright, let’s get down to business…… Our main character Sam is a nurse who has her world turned upside down shortly after her parent’s death and the horrific finding of a dead dog (who was tortured and murdered) on the side of the road, where her and her fiancĂ©e were camping at the time. 

She doesn’t just help with victimized animals; she donates and even plays a new age version of Robin Hood for these helpless animals.  Using the money she has from her parent’s deaths as well as the money from her new hobby of stealing from the animal abuser….Sam tries to help provide better living arrangements for shelter animals. Her poor fiancĂ©, Nathan, doesn’t know what to think or even how to feel when Sam breaks down and drifts in and out of wanting him in her life. I have to admit, I thought Sam and Michael made such a cute couple, you know, when they had to meet in secret and everything, lol.  It’s epic how WOW (World of Warcraft) is brought into the story as well. A Nurse who not only saves people and animals, but also knows how to have some gaming fun as well, Love it.

I don’t want to give away anything about this story. So I will just leave it like this. Diana Moat has written a very detailed story about a New Age Robin Hood, who so happens to be a woman as well. Love it. The story line is wonderful, but I have to admit, some details drag it out a little. That’s ok, some readers love extra details. Plus, the story line is what really holds a reader and this story line is a wonderful one. Especially when you meet all of Sam’s friends with secrets, each and every character plays a part in this wonderful book. The last few chapters of the book will defiantly blow your mind away. The ending, oh boy that ending, it will defiantly lighting up your heart. That is all I will say.

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