Sunday, October 21, 2012

What will I Read/Review?

Pretty Much ANYTHING Sent To Me For A Review :D
You can E-Mail me a PDF copy to, just make sure to make the subject of the E-Mail: Book Review Please :D
Don't forget to send a pic of your book's cover :D
Death in your book, I can handle that.
BDSM I can handle that as well.
Action packed fantasy, No problem.
F/F action, No Sweat.
Blood suckers, ofcourse I can handle that.
Horrible Monsters, Yup can do that as well.
M/M action, Well let's just say this; I am a woman, ofcourse I can handle that.
YA Fantasy, Yup I do those as well.
Unknown worlds/races, I shall explore them with joy.

YA Paranormal, No Problem.
Character has more than one lover, I drool at that excitement.
Keep them coming. I enjoy everything sent to me :)

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