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~Erotic Author Questions~

I decided to have a little fun :) Today I asked if any of my amazing Facebook Author friends, would like to answer some Erotic Questions. A few of them said, "Yes." Here is their answers and also a link is posted at the bottom of the post for each Author :) Enjoy seeing what their answers are, and I decided to play far and answer the questions as well :D Mwahaha, let the games begin ;) I will be posting some random Hot pics to go along with each question.

If you would like to add your answers to the list let me know :) Feel free to message me the answers on Facebook, don't forget to give me a link to add to the blog as well :D

1. What is your favorite sex position and do you write it into your stories often?

~Buffi Becraft~ Let's see...ummm, does naked count as a position? No? Drat. Well after that I would have to pick- on the bed! No wait-in the shower! Drat those are places. I'll have to go with yes! I DO have a favorite sex position-the kind where I am not jumping up every few minutes wondering if a kid woke up-came home-and realized what was up.

~Paula Shene~ Depends on mood-they're all equally favorites. I write kids stories and the only bitches are female dogs so no to that question.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ I prefer woman on top. I enjoy the view and it leaves my hands free to play with things. I do use this position in my writing.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ It is hard to choose….they are all so lovely. Doggie style comes to mind, all that deep penetration and hard thrusting, delicious.

~Gwen Steel~ I'm a traditionalist, I like my man on top, but every once in awhile, I like the reverse cowgirl! It really hits the spot! I love writing scenes, and I try to make even the more traditional exciting.

~Cooper McKenzie~ LOL…I have several, on knees giving blowjob, doggie style, tied up, tied down and yes, I use the often in stories

~Robyn M. Pierce~ I love "Doggy Style", but I have yet to write about it in my stories.

~Alannah Lynne~ Wow, no easing into this! Let's just go big, straight out of the gate. LOL my favorite position is side by side, him behind (spooning). It leaves more options available for his hands. :) I haven't written it yet (not in a published story), but it is in the book that'll be out in January.

~Lynn Hubbard~ Doggie Style, I don't add it very often. I write Historical fiction and try to keep it accurate, besides there are so many positions to choose from!

~Gracen Miller~ Doggy style and, hell yes, but not as often as I'd like.

~Beth Wright~  I do not have a favorite :) I love them all :D Yes, I write a few of them in some of my books.

2. When I say, Red, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

~Buffi Becraft~ Hair—hey, if you follow my FB page, you will see, I am all about hair and color. ALL colors.

~Paula Shene~ Is this going to work? Wine. Quickly followed by menses.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Large nipples.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Red lace panties being taken off by a lover’s teeth.

~Gwen Steel~ I thought of a strong, muscled man with green eyes and auburn hair.

~Cooper McKenzie~ Club Esoteria book 2 (Caught by the Master) when Megan is screaming it and the Dom ignores her.

~Robyn M. Pierce~ Roses.

~Alannah Lynne~ Hot! Fire! And then, stop.

~Lynn Hubbard~ Blood of course! They don't call it the Wild West for nothin'.

~Gracen Miller~ Panties.

~Beth Wright~ Sexy, fire, :D

3. If you had to decide between a hot male with a small dick or a ugly male with a large one, which one would you choice?

~Buffi Becraft~ The one who knew exactly how to use his equipment to the best advantage!

~Paula Shene~ I have not yet found any man ugly and the size isn't the problem-lack of foreplay would be-so the better question would be--which one has the longevity?

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Male: ugly with a large dick. Female: Not-as-pretty with large breasts, although I lucked out when my wife picked me (pretty and the right curves).

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ I think it would depend on the man; a large dick does not necessarily a good lover make. 

~Gwen Steel~ I would like to think I am broad minded enough to love anyone, despite physical flaws, but I think it depends on whether they can use their tool correctly.

~Cooper McKenzie~  Depends on who knows how to use what they’ve been blessed with.

~Robyn M. Pierce~ IF I HAD to choose......I don't know. I don't pick my men based on hot scale OR a dick-size, haha, mainly on how they treat me and well when it comes to that, even if they have a small one, if they know how to use it they're a keeper. ;)

~Alannah Lynne~ about an average guy with a decent sized one? LOL

~Lynn Hubbard~ Keep the lights off! Size matters and I have a very good imagination.

~Gracen Miller~ I don't usually find hot men attractive in real life, so I'd probably go with the ugly man with a large dick. I'd just hope he knew how to use it! Haha.

~Beth Wright~ Size and appearance does not matter to me. It's what they are hiding in their heart that matters the most.

4. Ok, if I trapped you in a dungeon with one man, who would you like it to be?

~Buffi Becraft~ My very own sweetie—It took so long to find my own romantic hero, why would I pick someone else?

~Paula Shene~ Smack me around and call me a fool but I'd have to say husband-everything from his smell to the curve of his wrist, the shape of his butt and his long shapely legs turn me on.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Male: The Doctor, specifically David Tennant. Female: Assuming I couldn't pick my wife, Milla Jovovich.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Gerard Butler, I could listen to his voice forever. His Phantom from Phantom of the Opera made me realize why Christine had such a hard time choosing between her hero and her rogue.

~Gwen Steel~ NOT FAIR....too many come to mind...But I had a crush on Ricardo Mantleban since he was shirtless in "Wrath of Khan...and that accent....oh la la! I guess I am dating myself!

~Cooper McKenzie~ Gerard Butler

~Robyn M. Pierce~ I hate to be all over my own character, but I would definitely choose Zeke Lanistter if we're talking about a fictional male. ;) If we are talking real-life man, give me Robert Downy Jr. and I will be happy as a clam.

~Alannah Lynne~ Real life.....Alex O' Loughlin. Fictional.....Butch from Black Dagger Brotherhood. Makes me sweat just thinking about it.

~Lynn Hubbard~ Only one? :-(frown you are a cruel dungeon master! I would choose Jason Bourne. Sexy and resourceful.

~Gracen Miller~ Dean Winchester. Jesus, the things I would DO to that man!

~Beth Wright~ Haha. 0.o How can I trap myself in my own dungeon?

5. Do you have a favorite sex toy?

~Buffi Becraft~ Heh, heh. Yes. He and I have been together for over 5 yrs now. He does occasionally need batteries for the remote control to the TV though.

~Paula Shene~ Hehehe, yeah he is 6ft. 1in.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Yes, vibrating ring.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Jelly vibrator, purple of course, and nipple clamps; fun for both parties.

~Gwen Steel~ I really don't like toys, I prefer the real thing.

~Cooper McKenzie~ A little vibrator that looks like a lipstick…small but oh so powerful!!!

~Robyn M. Pierce~ Not currently, but I used to have this lovely little toy that hit my G-spot perfectly.....;D

~Alannah Lynne~ No, but I'd love to find one that would become my favorite!

~Lynn Hubbard~ Of course, although variety is the spice of life.

~Gracen Miller~ My husband. ;) Otherwise, I have this mini-pocket vibe that is awesome.

~Beth Wright~ Yup :D My boyfriend's dick.

6. Can food make you horny?

~Buffi Becraft~ Well….that would depend on the food and what you were doing with it, wouldn’t it? So, I’d say, “Yes!”

~Paula Shene~ Only if it reminds me of a time gone by that was followed by a hot romp.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Yes, and some food has appeared in the bedroom, the kitchen counter, and my writing.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Oh yeah! A glass of sweet red wine is always sexy and warm melted chocolate and long stemmed cherries have infinite possibilities.

~Gwen Steel~ OH YEA! I wrote a very sexy scene with a cannoli as the focus in "Jersey Daze." Mmmmm, yummy creamy.

~Cooper McKenzie~ Depends on the food and who’s eating it from where.

~Robyn M. Pierce~ I don't think so, no.

~Alannah Lynne~ Sure.....if it's used in the right way. :)

~Lynn Hubbard~ Bacon, oh yessss, yesss.

~Gracen Miller~ After writing a sex scene with strawberries, I'll never think of them the same again.

~Beth Wright~ Hell yeah, I love chocolate.

7. When writing a sex scene which object would you choice: Bed, floor, table, car, dirty ground, dungeon floor; and why?

~Buffi Becraft~  Well, that would depend on the story. Since I write in multiple genres, and often use action it could be anywhere.

~Paula Shene~ Waterbed-done in all places except a dungeon and the dirty ground was wet sand on a beach with an incoming and hovering helicopter-finally moved off when my hubby wouldn't.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Car, because it is usually spontaneous, we could get caught, and there are many places to enjoy sex.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Can I choose all of the above? Each has its own special appeal, but my favorite would be on a table. It brings to mind unplanned, hot, spur of the moment sex in the kitchen. Thinking about all those handy wooden spoons within reach as your lover bends you over the table for a bare ass spanking is too sexy.

~Gwen Steel~ I think I like the traditional bed. I like my comfort. I have done it in the forest, on a beach, in the ocean, in a pool, on a boat, under a bridge, in a car....been caught everywhere, except my bed. ;)

~Cooper McKenzie~ Hmmmm that’s a toughie…any or all of the above are viable possibilities.

~Robyn M. Pierce~ I would prefer to write it being on the dungeon floor, because that would put the couple in a dungeon. And a dungeon can be used in many ways to enhance a sexual experience. I. E. whips, chains, etc. It means the couple could have easily gone from the wall to the floor in a matter of minutes.

~Alannah Lynne~ Out of those choices, I'd go with bed. I think realistically when I'm writing, so the dirty ground and hard floor/dungeon floor are out. Not enough maneuverability in a car.....unless it's an SUV and the back seats are laid flat. Don't ask how I know that. :D A table scene can be really hot, but the bed leaves more options.

~Lynn Hubbard~ lol! Dirty Ground. Can't get too picky with Cowboys.

~Gracen Miller~ Hmmm....I guess I'd say bed since that's where most of my sex scenes occur. Table sex can be particularly spicy to write and fun, too. The why for the bed, I guess because it's the most natural place to tumble for privacy and sex.

~Beth Wright~ All of the above. I would love to write a long sex scene with each of these in it :D

8. Do you have Erotic dreams after writing one of your books?

~Buffi Becraft~ Lol…and before, and during, and oh….where were we?

~Paula Shene~ No, because I don't write that kind, but do have erotic dreams and damn-my partner is always the hubs.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Before, during, and after. So does my wife (she also writes erotic scenes).

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ LOL…..I have erotic dreams all the time; it’s one of the reasons I choose to be an erotic writer.

~Gwen Steel~ OH HELL YA!

~Cooper McKenzie~ Oh hell yes…before, during AND after!!!

~Robyn M. Pierce~ No. *pout* As weird as it may be, I rarely have dreams, let alone erotic ones.

~Alannah Lynne~ All the time. It gets annoying sometimes.

~Lynn Hubbard~ Not after, but DURING. :-)smile

~Gracen Miller~ Nope, not yet, but I wish I would.

~Beth Wright~ Right after? No. I have sex ASAP :D As long as the kids are in bed already, lmao.

9. How many times can you say Kinky Bitch out-loud before you start to laugh?

~Buffi Becraft~ Once! I giggled as I read the question out loud.

~Paula Shene~ I laughed when I read it.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ One, because my wife said thank you.

~Elizabeth Kightbridge~ I am already laughing, certainly no more than two.

~Gwen Steel~ 5, because I start to stutter.

~Cooper McKenzie~ About twice

~Robyn M. Pierce~ None, I started laughing just reading the question! Haha.

~Alannah Lynne~ Ummm......I laughed just reading the question!

~Lynn Hubbard~ ummm hang on.... 3

~Gracen Miller~ Three.

~Beth Wright~  Twice

10. Did you enjoy the questions?

~Buffi Becraft~ They were a riot! Thanks for the laugh, Beth!

~Paula Shene~ Yes-short is great as long as it is sweet. I told you it is what counts in #3. Hahaha thanks for sharing.

~Guy Anthony De Marco~ Yes, and we'll enjoy them later tonight again.

~Elizabeth Knightbridge~ Yes, having a naughty mind is such fun, thank you for including me.

~Gwen Steel~ Very much! Keep them cuming, oops, coming!

~Cooper McKenzie~ Loved them!!! Thanks for letting me participate!!!

~Robyn M. Pierce~ Very much so, yes.

~Alannah Lynne~ Yeah, it was fun! Thanks for letting me play. :)

~Lynn Hubbard~ Great idea! I normally don't get to express my thoughts. Thanks Beth!

~Gracen Miller~ Yes, they were wild!

~Beth Wright~ Yup :) That's why I wrote them :) Tehehehe.

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