Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reviewer and Paranormal/Scifi Author as Well :D

I love to write paranormal/scifi romances, I write YA and adult books. There is no end to all of my ideas, many more books on the way :) I have two of my books in paperback form on Amazon so far, the rest of my books are all ebooks at the moment.

These are my two book blogs :) Feel free to check out the samples of the books listed on my blogs :) Let me know what you think. All of my books are selfpublished by me, they are all short story series as well :)

My facebook fan pages are:!/pages/Zoctornyia-by-Beth-Wright/203724263022821!/pages/Beths-Wild-and-Crazy-Book-Reviews/118767498234384!/pages/Promote-your-book/282499051780195!/pages/Beth-Wright/215199091867300!/pages/Beth-Wrights-X-Rated-Stories/272597809437442!/pages/A-Vampires-Burning-Desire-Series/390324654318921

Oh I also have Kindlegraph :D
My Smashwords Profile :D All of my books can be found here in ebook format :D

Heres a link to my facebook profile :D Be warned I can be a little spontanous at times and do post many different things to my profile for fun :)  My author name is Beth Wright my real life name is Beth Fullaway :)

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