Friday, June 1, 2012

Key of Solomon By: Cassiel Knight

Woot love this book :) Get this the defender of humanity hates humans 0.o she is one fyi lol. She had a horrible life and now is learning family secrets that she should have learned parents as a child, but they died when she was five. Her faith needs building and she needs training as well so Michael the archangel puts one of the falling angels on a task to train her ;) Wow he is so sexy and hot :...)The little shapeshifter had me laughing so much lol. Fyi one of my fav parts is when she see Lucifer :) (Lexi sucked in a quiet gasp. She knew her eyes had to be wide enough to drive a semi through. The new man was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Really, not just pretty, not masculine, but beautiful. Perfection beautiful. God-like. Lexi swallowed around a suddenly dry throat.

“Lucifer,” Mikos said and bent his head, without removing his sword from Beliel’s neck.
Lucifer? That gorgeous man was the Devil? Where were the horns? The forked tail? The red skin? Lexi knew she was thinking in clich├ęs and after what she’d seen in the last several weeks, the Devil not looking like the Devil shouldn’t be a surprise.) mwahaha my kid of woman :)



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