Sunday, August 2, 2015

Realizing Her Dream By: Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane

Realizing Her Dream  By: Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane

First thing I have to say is, if you are under the age of 18 then this is not a book for you :P Sorry, this is an Erotica with lots of Dom and Sub scenes :) If you are 18+  and love lots of male Dom/female Sub scenes then this is the book for you.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, on with the review.

This book surprised me, and what I mean by that. I honestly wasn't prepared for it, I thought, ok a lovely little romance novel, kind of read. WOW, it starts off with the main characters high up in the air getting ready to take the plunge and I don't mean marriage plunge. With a hot male body tightly strapped to the back of her body she is wondering if this is really where she wants to be and what to do next. Wow, I will not go into details, but the characters hit it off nicely and the ADVENTURE is just starting. I love the way it brings in some magic to the story :) Puts a twist on the book I wasn't prepared for. A good twist. Then without warning something happens at the end that has ME in tears and thinking, 'No, why. That is wrong in so many ways.' Then BAM another little twist and my joy starts dancing as she notices something near the bed :D Wow, loved it, it will have you hooked. FYI, if you are a Dom female like me, then yes, you will want to smack the living crap out of this Dom from time to time -.- but stay with it, the story is wonderful even without the Dom scenes :)

My Rating = 5 Xs

X- will be the symbol for x-rated books (18+) and what I mean by that is any book with alot of adult language or really strong sex scenes. Not the, 'He kissed her passionately and they made wild love all night long' kind of stories, but the 'He Held her hair as he slammed into her from behind.' Kind of stories ;)
Y- Will be for the young adult stories.

A- Will be for the adult stories, but without strong sex scenes.

C- Will be for the children stories.

H- Ofcourse, horror stories.

and more will be added I am sure :)

Ok so the lowest rating you can get is one of the symbol for your books symbol on my rating list. The highest your book will get is five.

One symbol means- It could not hold my interest. I was not impressed much by your characters/story line. :(

Two symbols mean- I was a little impressed by your characters/story line, yet it had trouble holding my interest through the whole book.

Three symbols mean- I enjoyed the story and characters. It held my interest, but somethings divereted my interest or bothed me in some way shape or form.

Four means- I loved everything about it. It is a really great story and the characters are all lovable.

Five means- I can not find anything bad about this book. I love everything about it and will be rereading it quite often.