Thursday, February 21, 2013

Author Interview With D X Luc and Character Interview With Oestar

Author D X Luc
1. What is the main thing you love about this book?
I have to say that what I love most is how much it's matured from the first in the series. It's darker, kinkier, and a hell of a ride.
2. Who is your favorite character in it?
Oh man, I'm going to have to say Toto is still my most favorite. Sexy pup he is.
3. Why did you write the book? Did it just come to you?
Mind Games is the second book to the Down the Yellow Brick Road saga.
4. Which event in the book do you like most?
When Dorothy gives into Toto's need to dominate.
5. What will fans love the most about your book?
Well it's a love and hate. My ending for this book is such a horrible cliff hanger, you'll love how the book was and hate how it ended and want more.
6. Do you have a character in the book that you really don’t like? And why?
Brodin. He's the leader of the Lollipop Guild Inc. He's got some serious issues.
7. What do you do to get into a writing mood?
Rest plenty and find a quiet place (very hard with 3 children and a gamer hubby).
8. Do you have a special item/place that you use/sit while writing?
The one place for me is my bedroom. I enjoy taking my laptop in there and closing the door.
Reclining on my bed with some Pandora and my handy Thesaurus and write. It's the only way most days that I'll get anything done.
9. When did you come up with the book’s title at the end or before starting?
The beginning. I have a problem continuing to write any book when I don't have a title. I don't know why really.
10. What is your wildest fantasy when thinking about this book?
One day seeing it in stores would be wonderful. I think seeing any of my books on the shelves but this one would be awesome as it IS my first series I've written.
Character: Oestar
Age: 42 in Ozlandian years so closer to 30 in Earth years
Occupation: Right hand man to The Great Wizard and Master teacher to both subs and Masters-to-be.  Oestar has rainbow eyes. They're naturally clear but when the light hits them, they swirl with rainbow colors.
1. Why are you the way you are?
 I have my reasons but the only way to find them out is by kneeling here and letting me play with your first. Then maybe....*shrugs*
2. Do you have any enemies and why are they your enemies?
I'm sure many enemies surround me. This is Oz, you know. I can't help it really. Being such a stunning representation of the male species. *flings his floor length braid over his shoulder and sips his tea*
3. Who is your best friend?
My wife and slave, Freeska. I love her more than words can say. She holds my heart while I hold the key to her collar.
4. What is your favorite food and why?
I do enjoy a juicy pussy. Oh you meant real food? Hmm, I can't think now. My mind is on pussy. Sorry.
5. Do you have a lot of friends?
*tilts his head* Are submissives and slaves considered such? If so, then yes.
6. What is your favorite color and why?
I love all colors of the rainbow. Probably because I am the only one of my kind to have the rainbow colored eyes.
7. Can dreams really come true?
Only if they're dark, twisted, and in my sex dungeon.
8. What makes you so lovable by fans?
I can tie you up with rope and torture you to orgasm with just my tongue, hair, and imagination.
9. Will fans ever get to see another side of you?
*his rainbow eyes swirl and darken* Pray you never have to.
10. Tell us one thing about yourself (something your fans don’t know already).
I know the truth about Dorothy's lineage. Of course, I won't tell anyone or her for that matter such knowledge.

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