Thursday, July 12, 2012

Karli Rush's Interview :D

Well here is the questions and answers :D Enjoy :D

1.Who is your favorite character in this book and why?
A-Tough one...but I am going to go with Evan. In this particular story many will learn hard lessons; Evan joined a deceitful underground coven losing someone extremely close to him, and thought he had lost all hope as well. He finds a way to say a life even though it could cost him his very own.

2.What gave you the idea to write this story?
A-Originally, it was part of the Crescent Bound story and I had to break it down into a second book, and soon a third (Demon Bound-which will be released some time in the fall of 2012.)

3.Did you think about anyone in your life while writing it?
A-Not necessarily, I did however dedicate this book to a dear friend of mine which taught me a lot about different view points on life. An insight I thinks is vital to learn. The way of a Hero, is a unique way to turn life's heartaches and wounds into an essense of self power.

4.Do you like peanut butter? Tehehe
A-*A sinful grin spreads across my face* Do I like peanut butter? Yes, I thoroughly enjoy peanut butter! This reminds me of one of the best scenes in a favorite movie of mine called "Meet Joe Black". A must see if you haven't had a chance to see it.

5.What is your favorite line in the book?
A-“Every night when we were apart there was this endless energy that pulled me in one direction, I couldn't fight it, and no way would I ever want to, this divine unrelenting pull led me in your direction. I know you feel it too, this connecting energy that builds between us and is stronger than any other, it's our lifemate bond and I will always follow it to your sweet awaiting lips. I love you 1,440 minutes a day and 525,600 minutes a year...infinity is the true and only number that will give me the time needed to love you."

6.Is anything in your book based off of a person or event that happened in your life?
A-Yes and no, dealing with tragedy and losing a loved one is difficult for anyone, and in this story it conveys a way to heal and restore love once again.

7.When I say-Boo-what do you think of?
A-I would stop thinking entirely and jump straight out of my chair!

8.Is this book hot or steamy in any way? Why or why not?
A-Steamy, definitely not something you would want your children to read. I highly recommend 18+ for this trilogy. It is part of the instinctive chemistry between the two leading characters, let's just say it's a perk to be Crescent Bound.

9.The character names, how did you come up with them?
A-Crescent Bound, Raven Bound and Demon Bound, all unfolded to me in a dream, as did the character names.

10.If you ever got a chance to talk to one of your characters, who would it be and what would you say?
A-If I could only meet one of my characters? Another tough question..Zaylen, and I would want to ask him, "What's my Aura?"

11.Are my questions annoying you yet?
A-Annoying? No. Intriguing, Absolutely.

12.Does anyting in your story involve food?
A-Yes, not only is the leading male gorgeous, seductive, tenacious, amorous, he can also cook!

13.Will there be a third book for this series?
A-Yes, called Demon Bound we are in the process of editing it and hopefully it will be released sometime this fall.

14.What motivated you to write the book?
A-The motivation for me is to finally have the entire story told, my dreams revisited me relentlessly night after night, and to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed at first on even how to tell the tale so to speak. But after a years’ worth of research I knew I had the tools to write it, there will be another after Demon Bound. The origins of Marc and Alyssa which will set in the medieval times and more of the pieces will collide together once and for all.

15.Who is your Hero and why?
A-Who is my one true hero…without a second thought I would say my son. He lives with adversity each day, but yet he smiles the brightest smile and laughs without any inhibitions in a world called Autism.

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  1. Very cool was great getting to know a little more about the book; I have it but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. And 'Meet Joe Black' is a brilliant film :D

  2. Interesting interview. I look forward to learning more about Ms. Rush's characters. Crescent Bound is on my to be read list!!

  3. Great book! Great author! I'm about to read Raven Bound.
    By the way, that is one of my favorite scenes in 'Meet Joe Black' =)
    Great interview Beth!!