Sunday, January 29, 2012

Author Interview: Chris Lange

To win a copy of this aweome book all you have to do is read the author's review posted here and leave a wild and crazy response to any of the author's answers. Chris will choose the best wild and crazy comment at the end of 2 days. Good Luck and have fun coming up with Wild and Crazy Comments :D

1-What's your favorite character in your book and why?

I like Anya a lot because she I find her funny (which is to say I have a slight tendency to entertain myself).

2-What would you have done differently if you were the main character of your book?

Nothing. I am the main character, except maybe during love scenes.

3-Do you ever have dreams about any of your characters?

Actually it's the other way round. I have dreams then I wake up with my character in mind.

4-What's your wildest thoughts when writing this book?

Somebody get me a sword!

5-Did you have any kinky thoughts while writing?

Kinky thoughts? Oh, boy!

6-If one of your characters showed up at your door one morning, what would you have been your first thoughts/words to him?

I'd say to Kylor: "Please, get me on that white horse of yours and take me away!

7-When writing, is there anything weird you do to help you write better?

Smoking and drinking coffee.

8-Do you cry when writing sad scenes?

No sad scenes in any of my stories so far. I need my fun!

9- How hard do you laugh when writing a funny scene?

Picture this: one eye on the screen, bent over my keyboard because I need to watch my two typing fingers, giggling and chuckling.

10-Any family member's actions or descriptions ever used in any of your writings?

"Surely not!" she says, covering her mouth to hide her cheeky smile.

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  1. Hi! Nice interview, I love the answer of question #9! I'm not a author so I can't really give a weird/funny/crazy answer but if one of my fav character showed up at my door one morning, what would I said??? (Hopefully my boyfriend just when to work!) Jeez, you took your time, honey! Hit me with your best shot! Probably to Jericho Barrons from the Fever series (one day maybe, a girl still can dream....)
    thanks for this funny interview!



  2. I really enjoyed this interview. The answer to #6 is the same as the one I would have after I invited him in for a for the answer to # 5 I hope she has more of those thoughts in her future books. Thanks for the interview really fun to read.

  3. Gotta love a chick who says, "Bring me a sword!"

    Tally-ho and Sally forth!

    Always fun to read about ya Chris!

  4. Hi! Nice interview.Have to say this seems to be one heck of a funny book. The author seemed to be a lot of fun to interview it must have been a hoot.As always looking to find new author's and great books.Have a great day Beth and Chris thanks for a great interview. Joelle

  5. I actually have a sword!!! It's technically a childs toy from conway castle. It's wooden, and would probably give you a splinter at worst, but I still have one! :-D

    Top interview. The visual of you in a fit of giggles over your computer is very amusing, hun ;-P

  6. My favorite character from a book is Jason from Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series. He is a friend that turns to love, but still is that friend. He is okay in the aspect. He is funny, loyal, loves Anita, and my favorite a Wolf. He is blond, has a great body, beautiful eyes, a stripper, and just plain sexy.
    I do sometimes dream of my books. Depending on how close to my bedtime. I also try to not stop in a good part because if I do I will continue the book in my dream. Not usually what actually happens in the book. I will end up being the main charcter, I will take over her spot and will continue the book as me as I would like the dream to go. Usually always a dirty, sexy dream(those are the best anyway).
    Thanks for the chance to win.