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The Hobble by Andrea Marino

Book Description...

Cornered by circumstances beyond her control, Electa must come to terms with loss, more importantly her growing resentment toward God. While she assumes the role of skeptic, He is at work arranging a wonderful place of rest for her at a remote, upstate Inn that is managed exclusively by His devoted followers.

Unaware of the details, Electa accepts the offer, finding ‘the voice of Elijah’ now joined to a host of other voices aiming to show her The Way. Add to the mission an old flame—now a minister of the Gospel—who has hopes of winning the lady’s heart back. Despite all the well-intentioned efforts surrounding her, God is the One to turn Electa’s life around, restoring all that the locusts have eaten.

                          My Review......
This is an amazing story of love, pain and God's unknown help. It really gets to me emotionally.  I know what it feels like to hurt and blame God for not helping me when I needed him the most. Yet we all learn the truth eventually,  he never left us nor does he ever forget us. My main love of this how Andrea has written God into a normal life walking among humans unknown and yet he is still aiding in Electa's healing process. 
A beautiful story for anyone who would love to read about God and all his ways he can offer aid for his children here on Earth. 

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Possessed: From Darkness to Light: A true story of triumph against all odds By: Cordelia Lee

This is an amazing story. Nothing fictional about this book. Wow, Cordelia explains in her words what she lived through and how she searched for help from many people to achieve victory in healing herself. She is a very strong woman and you can feel every ounce of her strength in her story. Very emotional book in my opinion, because she is telling you everything. Most things people keep locked away from others, but Cordelia has opened up to all about her struggles to survive. I am very honored to have been able to read this wonderful work of art. 

If you love real life paranormal reads, this book is most defiantly for you.

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Bleacher Heaven By Bob Lupo

Book Description

Bleacher Heaven is an urban crime drama set in the South Bronx, against the backdrop of the 7th Game of the 2016 World Series, pitting the New York Yankees against the New York Mets. A good cop chases a bad cop, wreaking havoc on the Bronx Streets. Home runs, strike-outs, magical plays, mythical come-backs, and innings pile up—along with bodies and drugs—through the winter months.
Denzel Brown, Vietnam War Hero, and Al Baker, legendary Gold Shield Detective, struggle with evil detective Dirty Dick Ryan and a corrupt DA, for the City’s soul.
Meanwhile, the nation basks in baseball glory into the New Year while the media grapple with truth, justice, and what should be the American Way.

My Review

This is a wonderful book. It starts off introducing us to Deacon Chance leaning against a hospital bed and staring at Denzel Brown. Then jumps over to Deacon at the stadium with his son watching a baseball game, the Mets vs. the Yankees, last game of the world series. He soon finds Alice and her son. They end up chatting and forming a bond of friendship and possibly more....

This book has amazing characters, wonderful story line and a beautiful picture of good and bad in this world. It really holds your interest as the excitement builds. Never ending line of excitement, thrills, humor and much more. If you love books with any of that stuff in it. Then you will definitely fall in love with this book. 

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Author Lori Thomas Harrington

Author Lori Thomas Harrington

Born and reared in Mississippi, Lori Thomas Harrington loves the south and all the charms its borders provide.

Her debut novel, The Point, has received  raving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads . In her spare time she enjoys time with family and friends, writing music, community theater, and is always plotting her next novel with coffee in hand. 

One of her favorite quotes is by Douglas Everett.

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some that face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."  

She is a firm believer that everyone has a dream placed inside them ,and life is too short not to make that dream a reality.

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Her Books

The Point 

When Emma Ashby returns to her hometown of Leyton, TN, she realizes that she is still in love with Drew Dalton. He was the love of her life, and their breakup was cold, harsh, and mysterious. Drew is now engaged, so she tries to hide her feelings from him. How-ever, when he sees her, he knows that he never stopped loving her either. 

As they rekindle their romance, they realize that their breakup was a big misunderstand-ing. Or was it? Julie, Drew’s sister, hates Emma, and when they find out that she was the mastermind behind ending their relationship, they are determined to find out why. 

When the truth is revealed, a series of unfortunate events brings heartache, strife, and eventually forgiveness. Emma realizes that true love can never die.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Michael's Heart

She longs for some other way, they both could stay
lost inside forever
that now echoes yesterday.What if the love of your life was on the other side?

Music has always captivated Colbie, and she was sure that music would escort her to her destiny. But then, lying on a cold operating table, Colbie’s heart stopped, and her life ended. Then, something miraculous happened. In an inex-plicable new world, Colbie comes face to face with Michael and she realized that she has always heard the music.
What if you had to choose between love and life?

When she wakes up in the sterile hospital room to a painful recovery, she longs for the peace she abandoned when she returned to Earth. Back in her own world, Colbie is struggling with fate as she tries to once again, hear the music.
Will fate and love strike the right chords for Michael and Colbie?,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

The Point By: Lori Thomas Harrington

Emma returns back to her home town. In doing so she finds herself lost in old memories of a love she lost so many years ago. Her heart and mind ache for what she lost and soon she finds out her lost love is now engaged to someone else. 

Drew is stuck between loving his fiancée and loving his past love. His heart and mind tell him to try to get her back, but he is struggling with what happened to tear them apart. 

This is a beautiful romance, I love how they both still feel the bond they created all those years ago and how they now struggle to keep their love hidden from each other. They are basically tearing each others hearts in half as they try to keep their love from burning once again. 

Will their love be able to bring them together once again, or will they forever be apart and suffer with the heart break it is still bringing them?

Anyone who loves sweet romance with love this story.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Author Bob Lupo

Bob Lupo, born and raised in NYC, was weaned on baseball and spaghetti.
Tales of the mighty Bronx Bombers and the Amazing' Mets are wired into his DNA.
He attended St. John's University, served as a medic with the 4th Battalion/ 9th Infantry "Manchus" in Vietnam in 1967-68, and was a Wall Street Junk Bond Analyst for 30 years.
He lives in Hawaii with his wife, Linda, Zinn, his Yellow Lab and 3 cats.
He has three sons, one daughter and six grandsons. He hopes they visit him in Hawaii more than they did in Wisconsin. 
Lupo has written two other novels, A Buffalo's Revenge-a book that traces a year in Vietnam; and Extremities-4, a satire on human nature about the perils of being human and animal.
He is working on another novel, a coming-of-age story of the early-mid 1960s in New York, but is facing an immovable object. He hopes it can be moved. 
Meanwhile, he's a very lucky man.

Author Questions

1.       What inspired you to become an Author?

2.       How long have you been writing?

3.       What do you love about writing?

4.       Your own opinion. What is the most important quality to have as an author?

5.       Have you ever ended up with a dream or nightmare from writing one of your books? If yes, which one?

6.       Do you have a favorite author (other then yourself)? LOL. Who is it and why are they your favorite?

7.       What can you tell us about yourself that your fans do not already know?

8.       What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you as an author?

9.       Can fans ask you anything about your books?

10.   What scares you the most at being an author?

Bob's Answers:

Discovered I ‘liked to write’ around 10 years old; began writing cowboy and Indian stories, handed them to my dad…he smiled and said he ‘liked’ them.
Wrote mostly poetry through college and a couple unfinished and long-lost stories; kept a journal after the Army (and college), musing on all things, personal, political, the outrages of the age we live in.
I married at 23 in the middle of the Nam War, went to Nam as a medic.
ETA’d outta the Army in January 1969. Had a kid on the way and got a job 2 days later. Wanted to ‘write’ for my soul but had to ‘work’ for a living.
Continued to write poems…1st marriage ended in late 1979 and began writing a ‘story’ that became ‘A Buffalo’s Revenge’ about a year in Nam.
The first MS was autobiographical and ‘almost’ published by Farrar Straus and Giroux ~1982, but limited market for Nam books back then, and they had just taken on Larry Heinemann’s “Pancho’s Diary’.
Buffalo 1 was never published.
Worked on Wall Street as a corporate bond analyst through the 00’s…was unemployed ‘on the beach’ is the industry’s polite term, and wrote “Extremities-4’, a satire on human nature about the perils of being human and animal.
Picked up ‘Buffalo 1’ and reworked it into a story with ‘biographical traces’ about that time.
Marketed the 2nd Buffalo in various media pubs and had maybe a half-dozen interviews on morning radio shows across the country—mostly in mid-tier cities.
While trying to raise awareness of the book, my primary focus was to speak out against our impending invasion of Iraq, warning that our hubris would once again sink us into a quagmire.
I was speaking against the wind. People bought Bush’s spin.
I recall resistance in Miami, St. Louis, and some Wyoming radio station. A yahoo caller there, called me a ‘traitor’. I was livid, but the host came to my defense.
Tough times.
Also wrote a 1st draft on a spoof of the Iraq invasion, called ‘Gimme Paradise’…that’s been lost.
Attempted other drafts of that time, never finished. Wrote a series of essays/emails to the planet about that war…and satirical poems.
Back to Wall Street through 2015…retired in early ’16. Began and finished a ‘Bleacher Heaven’ first draft in 1 ½ months, finished that in November 2017.
That’s my most recent book.
Currently working on something else, ‘a coming of age’ creature of the early – mid 1960s…and stuck-in the-middle with Fred’ presently…a Nam impasse.
I write to express angst, personal, cultural, philosophical, psychological, and political.
My books focus on struggle: individuals-up-against-it who fight for justice, or who are caught in a maelstrom and do what’s right (so they believe).
I’m an introspective person, but I see the humor and irony prevalent in our existence. My writing style is descriptive, dramatic, semi-humorous, and idiosyncratic.
My writings are the results of my ‘nightmares and angst’.
I like to say I’m an amateur auto-didact, widely, if eclectically read, including novels, bios, memoirs, histories, philosophy, poetry, political analyses, essays, et al.
My favorite novelist is probably Walker Percy. My favorite poet, Langston Hughes. My favorite novelist/essayist, a tie between Albert Camus and James Baldwin. My favorite historian, Howard Zinn.
I’m an ‘interior’ person, but one that reveals emotions.
I was most embarrassed at a book fair in 2003 in Austin, TX, catering to Veterans’ families where nobody bought ‘Buffalo’.
People can ask me anything and I’ll try to answer.
I’m scared most about the need and often the inability to write.

Book Questions

1.       Have you made any character based on someone you know in real life? If so, why?

2.       What is the best reason to read your books?

3.       Do your books have any characters from a dream you have had? If so, which character?

4.       Do you ever read your own books for fun? If yes, which one is your favorite to reread?

5.       If you could live in one of your books, would you?

6.       Which one of your characters reminds you of yourself?

7.       Do you have a favorite character?

8.       Do any of your characters frighten you? Who and why?

9.       What’s your favorite part about creating a new book and characters?

10.   What was the best comment you have ever gotten on one of your books?

Bob's Answers:

‘Buffalo’ is full of soldiers I lived with in Nam, but as ‘types’ in a ‘situation’, not full-scale bios of them.  Buffalo was a thematic story of a time and the people caught in that zone. I needed ‘models’ to tell a real story.
People who read my books are captured by the drama and the fast-paced, if idiosyncratic, narrative.
Doc Lusane is the main character in Buffalo 2—less so than in the first version. ‘Lusane’ was derived from ‘Lupo Insane’.
I haven’t re-read any of my books totally since the original and painful birthing of them, but I have skimmed through them now and then.
My favorite one to re-read might be ‘Extremities-4’ or ‘Bleacher’.
I did live in ‘Buffalo’, but I’d prefer to chase the bad guys in ‘Bleacher’, or encounter ‘the thing’ within us,  in ‘Extremities’.
Well, Doc Lusane is ‘like’ the way I was. Otherwise, no one ‘character’ is ‘me’, I’m mixed here and there in a few of them.
Denzel Brown and Al Baker in ‘Bleacher are my favorite characters, of the books I’ve written so far.
Denzel has a deep, honest, soul; and Al, a fighting spirit and a sense of justice larger than life.
I luv it when people say they ‘loved my book and could barely put it down’, which I guess is egotistical, but I do enjoy those moments !

'Bleacher' Questions

1.       What motivated you to write this book?

2.       Who is your favorite character in it and why?

3.       How long did this book take you to write?

4.       Did any of the scenes give you a hard time?

5.       Are you worried about your fans not being happy with it?

6.       Did it make you cry, laugh, or smile while writing it?

7.       What’s your favorite scene from this book?

8.       What can you tell fans about one of the characters from this book, that was not said is in the book?

9.       Was this book writing with a specific age group in mind?

10. Are you happy with the way it turned out?

Bob's Answers:

I wrote ‘Bleacher’ to make a point and explore how it is we punt on major dimensions of our existence—critical issues of morality and responsibility for the kind of society we live in, and the diversions we pursue to keep ‘gritty reality’ in the closet.
‘Bleacher’ uses baseball, specifically the drama of the 7th Game of the World Series as a backdrop and distraction to our personal lives and the dismal lives of millions we ignore and/or scorn.
It’s a story about injustice and how it is we perpetuate it and lose control over our lives.
As I said above, Denzel Brown and Al Baker, are my favorite characters.
Denzel is a big, muddy river, like Old Man River, he just keeps rolling along. Nothing can stop him. He’s a war hero and a family man. He’s a prisoner of the system, but he’s deeper and stronger than it because of the love within him.
He’s a prototype for the millions of honorable victims stuck in our System’s craw.
Al Baker is the name of my Captain in Nam. I ‘drew’ the ‘Bleacher’ Al from my memory of the original Al, cast in an entirely different role and not an equally stark but highly different ‘reality’. This Al Baker is tough and feisty and explosive –replete with sarcasm, humor, and wit—like the original.
Al’s got a soul in light-speed drive.
I wrote ‘Bleacher’s’ first draft in about 42 days from dawn to dusk and beyond. Then, attempted to get agents to no avail. Then rewrote it and shortened the World Series Game ‘drama’ from the original—if you can believe that!
The game scenes were easy to write, but my fear is—even edited—Chapters 2 – 6 are too long. I may have retained avid baseball fans—men—but lost most of the reading audience.
Ironic. Although a few women I know who’ve read it liked it a lot. 
I loved writing the book. My most enjoyable to date. Baseball drama of my two favorite teams is mixed in with gritty NY Street life that—while I did not ‘live’—I knew of and witnessed some of it.
My favorite chapters are Chs 22-27 for ‘bringing out’ the characters of Denzel and Raychelle Brown, and Chs 30-59 are a fast-paced blur connecting all the dots in both tragic and uplifting lives of the good guys’ and the ‘bad’ guys’.
I laughed and winced, writing this book. Dick Ryan, the bad cop, is the baddest ‘dude’ I’ve ever profiled. I tried to show the ‘why’ of at least ‘some’ of his evil. I think I brought it out.
Yes, I loved the way the book turned out.

Bob's Books

Bleacher Heaven is an urban crime drama set in the South Bronx, against the backdrop of the 7th Game of the 2016 World Series, pitting the New York Yankees against the New York Mets. A good cop chases a bad cop, wreaking havoc on the Bronx Streets. Home runs, strike-outs, magical plays, mythical come-backs, and innings pile up—along with bodies and drugs—through the winter months.
Denzel Brown, Vietnam War Hero, and Al Baker, legendary Gold Shield Detective, struggle with evil detective Dirty Dick Ryan and a corrupt DA, for the City’s soul.
Meanwhile, the nation basks in baseball glory into the New Year while the media grapple with truth, justice, and what should be the American Way.

A Buffalo's Revenge, a Vietnam negative, explores the limits of a nation engaged in a struggle for freedom when the mirror reveals a fractured image. Racism is bundled in an interlocking grid of white and black and oriental hatred. The backdrop of the home front, the plague of assassinations, a spiraling anti-war movement, a sandwiched Media, and politicians and a military caught in the glare of appeasing conflicting demands underscores the plight of individuals fighting for their lives and their loves. Doc Lusane must overcome his need to die; James Jaggers his need to kill; Pee Wee Anson to hate.The home front explodes in a frenzy of hate and violence.The boys discover love beyond the peculiar cadence of language and dialect. They discover life beyond race or color. They discover themselves.America was at war thirty-five years ago and we are at war today. A Buffalo's Revenge is a snapshot of America, then and now.,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

Extremities-4, a modern-day morality tale/medical fantasy, examines the origins and consequences of a dreaded Simian-like disease of the limbs and tracks the plight of four unlucky specimens weaving the landscape of an America livid and pale from a bad case of Darwinian déjà vu.Calypso Ambiliano, Casey Dawes, Jose Greene, and Steve Einstein are caught in the crosshairs between civilization and reality.Vilified and despised by a startled citizenry, the Authorities herd the afflicted to an esteemed Medical Research Center, where they are probed, cut, X-rayed, and scanned.Cal, Casey, Jose and Steve escape to the serenity of northern Vermont-only to be betrayed by old enemies.The four stumble into an old root cellar, a cave of beginnings, and witness the nation, the world succumb to its Animal Claw origins.The nation again celebrates its sameness, but the descent into nature continues. Extremities-4 is a macabre and bizarre tale of the familiar and the foreign.

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