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Author Marie Fostino

Here is her website Bio. It is so beautifully written. I didn't want to ruin it in any way.

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She is having a contest this month, check out her post with this picture on her facebook page to enter :)

Here Are Five Of Her Books

This is a story of drug and alcohol abuse from the eyes of a sixty-year-old women. She worked on an ambulance for twenty years and yet with all that training nothing prepared her for her new job. Sylvia stumbled into a different world working with recovering drug addicts, felons and transgenders. Her world is turned upside down working with patients on drugs and alcohol who sometimes turn on her as she tries to help them. She sees first hand patients trapped in their own psychosis. But it is when she finds herself in a situation as a meth addicted patient tries to kill her that changes her thought process on this new situation. 

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When Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet, her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy, love, death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen.

People would stop Jenny and ask if the child she was with was her sister. "No this is my child." Yet the looks she got hurt her. She was 16 years old when her life changed forever. Despite being raised in a Christian home with strict religious values, some of her choices were careless, and they came with weighty consequences.

A strange combination of sadness and joy overcome her when she turns back the clock. Names and faces float through her mind like ghosts that still haunted her but as always, a smile forms on her face and she remembers only love.

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Annette Ferrari lives in Lawton, OK with her family when she decides it is time to leave and make it on her own. She moves to Norman with her girlfriend Lynn when she meets Aaron. It is love at first sight as he captures her heart. As they spend time together their love grows. Aaron joins the army and they continue their love through letters. Annette's life is turned upside down as she experiences the Oklahoma Bombing and her letters from Aaron stop. Broken hearted Annette devotes her mind to her studies. Tim a class mate befriends Annette and lets her know how he feels about her. But it isn’t until a disturbing event happens which changes her course of life and love.

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Rosemary & Antonio is a coming - of – age story set in the gang – ravaged city of Chicago in the 1920’s. It begins when young mechanic Antonio May introduces himself to the naïve Rosemary Macino at the local coffee house.

Antonio is a carefree young man. He is learning the trade of auto repair from his father. He has no serious thoughts about the responsibilities of adulthood until he meets Rosemary sitting all by herself in a crowded café. Rosemary is going to school to become a teacher. She is the first in her family to have a high school diploma. She never gave boys the time of day until she met Antonio.

Antonio rattles Rosemary’s easy relationship with her parents and threatens her chances of graduation. Rosemary falls in love, yet she has a dark secret that she is hiding. She struggles with her new love, but she is pretty sure he is worth the risk.

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Ponce de Leon was sent on a voyage to explore this land he called Pascua Florida, for the King of Spain. His job was to find more gold and the Waters of Life to help heal King Ferdinand who was 35 yrs older than his young wife. When he asked the Indians to join them for a meal and about the waters of life for the King, he was forced to go through the swirling lights to find Merlin in exchange.
Marlena who is a history teacher in the year 2014 was dressed like Merlin at the Renaissance Fair selling bottles of water with the words Fountain of Youth on them to raise money for the school. Little did she know she would get picked up by a knight, and go through swirling rainbow lights back into the year 1513.
It was at the pilgrims’ dinner with the Indians that it was discovered what year she was in and who she was dining with. She already had a hate for Ponce for kidnapping her to this place, but when he choked on some food and she did CPR to bring him back to life that is when her life became in danger. Now she was considered a witch and the person she disliked the most was the one to protect her and help her get back to her time.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Stellar By: Kevin Hollingsworth

Wow, ok, a lot of LOVE poems in this book. If you love these types of poems then this is the book for you. 

You will learn different types of love exist and just how many ways you can explain your feelings of love to someone special.

 Not much more to say, except, poems and lots of poems of love. Nice job, Kevin Hollingsworth.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Amazon Ebooks For Today :)

Found some Freebies For All of You

Lies of Light (Darker Shade of Light Book 1) By: Melissa Sasina

What an amazing story.

Noora and her mother Isha Duskbourne are sent to investigate a mysterious illness no other healers have been able to cure by magic and it appears to be arcane in some matter as well. Both of them are healers, but secretly they are both Maahirans as well. If anyone knew they were Maahirans it would be a death sentence for both of them. 

In Cardea, they get a room at the inn. While there the inn keeper introduces her blind daughter, Evelyn. Evelyn seems to know and see so much more then most would realize. Something about this character really draws me in to her. I like her, even before I know anything really about her. 

Then comes more characters like, Vaeros, who comes to Noora's rescue. Telling her he is a friend of the family and when they were children they used to play together. Yet, Noora can not remember any Vaeros in her life......I believe he may have hidden feelings for her and yet you will have to read to find that out for yourself.

Another character on my list of enjoyment, The Warder known as, Gracen, now this is one amazing surprise. Oh boy what fun, poor Noora is now being hunted by him. Lets hope Vaeros can keep her safe..... 

Sorry, I do not like ruining books by giving away everything about them. You will just have to trust me when I say, if you like new adventures with amazing characters this book is for you. So much happens and I must say this, it is a very good story, but for me, it starts out slow.....but I am the type of reader who loves a good adventure no matter how it starts out.

Awesome book and adventure Melissa Sasina! 

If you would like to join this amazing adventure you can find it on Amazon the link is below.

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My Extraordinary Life By: Monica Sucha Vickers Review

My Review

This book is not Fictional. It  is a story of strength and struggles. You will learn many things about Monica and her family. I normally don't read Biographies, reading changes can be quite educational.

You will learn how Monica's parents and family learned how to care for a baby with differences. They struggled sometimes, but most of the time they found out Monica was more normal then she appeared. She learned to sit and crawl around the normal time any baby would. Monica was a born warrior and she was determined to show it to the world, even as a infant. For years in Elementary levels, Monica did not notice herself as different. She felt normal and wanted to be treated normally around everyone. Which is the way it should be no matter how old you are.

Changes are good, yet sometimes can be a pain in the butt. You will see how she learned to handle having artificial limbs. Many changes, yet sometimes they are worth the hardship. Following Monica through life teaches us many things about life. Life is a struggle for everyone, but those who has slight differences learn to make their struggles into blessings and surprises.


This reminds me of a saying I learned as I was growing up, 'God only gives you what you can handle, nothing more and nothing less.' So if you believe you are going through hard struggles, just remember, God knows how strong you really are.

Thank You, Monica. Your life is one amazing journey. You are my hero and I wish you the best in everything you do from this day forward. 

A must buy on Amazon. 




Monica's website :)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

They Call Me Crazy, A Cass Adams Novel- By: Kelly Stone Gamble

This book is not something I normally would read, but I have to admit I am glad I did.

It teaches you many lessons about people that we should remember in real life every day. People are not always what you believe them to be, especially if you are believing what others are telling you. 

You learn to love characters you never thought you would.

The story starts off as a young woman is burying her husband..... You feel sorrow for her, but not for long, it turns into you feeling confused about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Why is this young woman acting this way? Is she really crazy? Even she doesn't know how to answer that. 

Lots of characters to learn to love and hate through out this story. Ones you thought were evil end up being somewhat nice, or good. Then there are those who you believe are good, but in all honest some of them have their own secrets as well. 

The story will confuse you a few times, but by the end you will have a good idea of what all is going on, who is right and who is wrong. 

Grab Your copy now, you will not be disappointed !

Only .99 cents this weekend on Amazon


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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dog Gone By: Diane Moat - Review

My Review

First things first, if you love animals this story may be just what you want to read. Granted, some details (about the animal’s injuries/deaths) may be too much for some readers. For those who can handle detailed, graphic screens, you will do just fine (there is not too many of them to even think about using that as an excuse not to read this book). This story was written with an adult audience in mind. 

Alright, let’s get down to business…… Our main character Sam is a nurse who has her world turned upside down shortly after her parent’s death and the horrific finding of a dead dog (who was tortured and murdered) on the side of the road, where her and her fiancée were camping at the time. 

She doesn’t just help with victimized animals; she donates and even plays a new age version of Robin Hood for these helpless animals.  Using the money she has from her parent’s deaths as well as the money from her new hobby of stealing from the animal abuser….Sam tries to help provide better living arrangements for shelter animals. Her poor fiancé, Nathan, doesn’t know what to think or even how to feel when Sam breaks down and drifts in and out of wanting him in her life. I have to admit, I thought Sam and Michael made such a cute couple, you know, when they had to meet in secret and everything, lol.  It’s epic how WOW (World of Warcraft) is brought into the story as well. A Nurse who not only saves people and animals, but also knows how to have some gaming fun as well, Love it.

I don’t want to give away anything about this story. So I will just leave it like this. Diana Moat has written a very detailed story about a New Age Robin Hood, who so happens to be a woman as well. Love it. The story line is wonderful, but I have to admit, some details drag it out a little. That’s ok, some readers love extra details. Plus, the story line is what really holds a reader and this story line is a wonderful one. Especially when you meet all of Sam’s friends with secrets, each and every character plays a part in this wonderful book. The last few chapters of the book will defiantly blow your mind away. The ending, oh boy that ending, it will defiantly lighting up your heart. That is all I will say.

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